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Fri Sep 17 21:37:53 PDT 2021

Actually Jacinda Ardern is on the nose. Down in polls, after relentless lock 
downs and intrusion into people's lives.  The plain fact is any health 
management, including CoVID response is 100% politics.  People have a right to 
their own body-autonomy and health outcomes.  If you fear the flu/covid, then 
lock yourself indoors with your own or commercial medical regime.  IF you get 
real sick phone an ambulance.

Jacinda Ardern is an ardent Fabian Socialist, so go figure.

Cheers e8hffff

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> With the greatest respect to the people of New Zealand, which have done
> a great job in general, and their prime minister, who is a superstar,
> the country has a population of half of that of London. So no wonder it
> has been easy to keep infections down.

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