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Klaatu klaatu at mixedsignals.ml
Wed Sep 22 00:21:45 PDT 2021

Hi RPG players (and RPG-curious),

Are you interested in "old school" Role-playing Games, like the ones they used 
to play back in the 80s?

I recently joined a game with several HPR friends, and we're playing 
asynchronously in an online forum. It's a highly flexible for scheduling 
(because you post whenever you want), and the [open source] forum software has 
mobile apps as well as web apps.

I've decided to run the AD&D 2nd Edition mega-dungeon "Rappan Athuk", and I'm 
inviting anyone on this list to play. No experience required. I'm happy to 
teach you what you need to know (including THAC0).

Email me off list for an invite code.

## Requirements: 

You must have either an AD&D (2nd edition) Player's Handbook (for example, 
https://www.dmsguild.com/product/16868/Players-Handbook-Revised-2e) or Swords 
& Wizardry (a backwards-compatible clone, available at https://

Use the Player's Handbook if you want the authentic experience, or if you just 
happen to already own the book, as I do. 

Use Swords & Wizardry if you're lazy and appreciate an actually-well-written 
rulebook. This book is so much clearer than the original rulebook and I do 
highly recommend it. I'll be using the original rulebooks myself, but I have a 
copy of Swords & Wizardry and will work to actively ensure compatibility.

A character sheet. I've uploaded a minimal-ish character sheet here:

## What to expect:

Not much of a story. Just a deadly, arduous, unbalanced, enormous dungeon that 
will likely kill many, many of your characters.

Encumbrance, accounting, shared spreadsheets, cartography, starvation, and 

Old school Advanced D&D with all of its quirks and inelegant maths and 
confusing and over-complex combat rules.

Fun and friendly game play at your own pace.

...see you in the dungeon?

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