[Hpr] HPR 3433 "A Squirrel's thoughts about RMS"

e8hffff e8hffff at vivobit.com
Tue Sep 28 21:20:43 PDT 2021

Re: HPR 3433 "A Squirrel's thoughts about RMS"

The Jefferey Epstein event, is heavily linked to Mossad and the honeypot 
operation of compromising politicians and people with clout, so that later 
they could be bribed to perform for foreign supremacy goals.  For Richard to 
advocate for those up on criminal charges, stinks on political, racial. and 
religious bias, and somewhat treasonous to America, not to mention the abuse 
of minors (up and coming youth of a nation).  He made comments that divided 
the community.  It's not surprising that affected his roles and positions.

Consider the Talmud does allow for paedophilia.  Jews are expected to support 
fellow Jews, known as the Sayanim Principle. Example you may not get favor if 
in past you failed to further another of your kind.

The plain fact is America as it is, was founded by a majority of European 
Christian background people. Even though there were other races and religions, 
it's their sand castle. It's much like going to a bar and they have a dress 
code.  Even if the majority of customers may want to wear shorts and singlets, 
the rules are the rule of the house.  Goto another bar if you can't respect 
the rules.

No offence intended.  Facts are facts. 

Cheers e8hffff.

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