[Hpr] HPR 3433 "A Squirrel's thoughts about RMS"

Carl Chave online at chave.us
Wed Sep 29 04:27:57 PDT 2021

The anti-spam question on the HPR website comments section is:
What does the P in HPR stand for ?

I'm not sure what the answer is.

On Wed, Sep 29, 2021 at 2:45 AM Beni Keller <beni at grindcore.ch> wrote:
> On September 29, 2021 6:20:43 AM GMT+02:00, e8hffff <e8hffff at vivobit.com> wrote:
> >The plain fact is America as it is, was founded by a majority of
> >European
> >Christian background people. Even though there were other races and
> >religions,
> >it's their sand castle. It's much like going to a bar and they have a
> >dress
> >code.  Even if the majority of customers may want to wear shorts and
> >singlets,
> >the rules are the rule of the house.  Goto another bar if you can't
> >respect
> >the rules.
> It's more like there was a bar where the dress code was completely different. Then some new guests arrived, killed half the existing customers and imposed their own dress code on the remaining ones. Then they claimed it was their own bar and that they were the original founders of the bar and started telling people to go to another bar if they didn't like their dress code.
> Sorry for the side track but there are always several angles to regard circumstances from.
> --beni
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