[Hpr] Regarding episode 3414 and COVID-19 disinformation

sambong 5am8on9 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 21:30:41 PDT 2021

> To points just made on this thread, UK estimates of the number of
> adults unvaccinated will be highly uncertain so take care when using
> them.
i did not use any number representing anything of the sort. perhaps you
misunderstood what the data actually represented. try looking again
with an awareness of your confirmation bias.
> > Unless you happen to be an expert in the field(s) of virology,
> > epidemiology, and contagious disease genetics, I'd leave the
> > interpretation of the report up to others.
no expertise is needed to do a simple case mortality assessment. it is
simple percentages. you may come up with many reasons as to why the
government data is flawed or misleading, yes.

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