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In-Depth Series

Lightweight Apps

Reviews of light weight applications

Xdotool magic - Nacho Jordi | 2016-03-28

Lightweight Apps: Enlightenment, Part 2 - klaatu | 2009-09-01

Lightweight Apps: Enlightenment, Part 2

Klaatu and Bryanstein from the Florida Linux Show rave about e17.

Easy-E17 Install Script
This episode in ogg

Audacious - Thistleweb | 2009-03-23

Running Order

Little dogs

  • XMMS
Winamp similarities
  • Layout (3 magnetic windows)
  • Compatible skins
  • System tray icon & control
  • Status icon
  • Global hotkeys
  • Audio compressor
Big dogs
  • Multi section windows
  • Podcatchers
  • Syncing of media folders & MP3 players

Lightweight Web Browsing With Arora - deepgeek | 2009-01-08

Deepgeek continues the lightweight applications series

Icewm - deepgeek | 2008-12-08

Deepgeek reviews "Icewm," the "cool" window manager with an alias, A.K.A., "The imitator." Then Deepgeek goes on to show the solution to a technical problem with it, which is running unsupported WindowMaker Dockapps on it.

Companion article can be found at
An ogg audio version can be found there also.

Enlightment - klaatu | 2008-12-05

Klaatu hijacks deepgeek's "Lightweight App" series and discusses one of his favourite lightweight desktop environments.

You can also choose to download Klaatu's ogg version of this episode.

rox-filer - deepgeek | 2008-11-20

Lightweight apps, Deepgeek reviews "rox-filer," a lightweight gui file manager.
An excellent jumping off point on the web is this link... The add-on for an integrated trash can can be found here...

Bee Soft Commander - deepgeek | 2008-07-11

Deepgeek talks about the light weight app Bee Soft commander

Faubackup - deepgeek | 2008-04-28

Deepgeek reviews Faubackup

Claws Email client - deepgeek | 2008-03-24

deepgeek talks about a lightweight app called claws