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In-Depth Series

The Linux Boot Process

Dann talks about the linux boot process

Linux Boot Process Part 6 - Init - Dann | 2008-06-10

Linux Boot Process pt. 6 - Init Init is the mother of all processes. See my Notes for a brief reference. Also check out these resources: Wikipedia page on init init man page inittab man page Upstart

Initrd and Initramfs - Dann | 2008-05-09 Monolithic vs MicroKernel
Wikipedia - Microkernel
Wikipedia - Monolithic Kernel
Wikipedia - Initramfs
IBM - Initrd Overview
Linux Devices - Introduction to initramfs

Linux Boot Process Part 3 - Boot Prompt Parameters - Dann | 2008-04-22

Dann's Notes
Linux Boot Prompt HowTo

Linux Boot Process Part 2B - Grub - Dann | 2008-03-10

GRUB - Grand Unified Bootloader
The bootloader of the gods.
Grub Website
Grub Manual
Dann's Notes

Linux Boot Process Part 2a - LILO - Dann | 2008-02-14

LILO = Linux Loader I discuss the ins-and-outs of LILO, hot it is configured and how it is initialized and what to do when it screws up. This is part 2a in my Linux Start Process series. Be on the look out for 2b discussing GRUB very soon.
Lilo Mini-Howto
LILO Wikipedia Page
LILO home page

The Linux Boot Process Part 1 - Dann | 2008-01-13

Linux Boot Process - Part I SystemV vs BSD Style Scripts In part one of the Linux Boot Series we take a top level look at the Linux boot process and discuss some of the differences between SystemV based systems and BSD style systems.
I focus on RedHat, Slackware, Ubuntu (Debian) and Arch Linux. Below are some resources for further information.
Redhat - RHL 9 boot - shutdown process
Slackware Boot Process
Debian Boot Process
Basic overview of SystemV vs BSD Systems
IBM developer works book - Linux Boot Process
Gentoo Handbook for x86
- It's hard to specify one chapter because Gentoo's documentation is top notch and very informative. Review the installation and initscripts chapters in particular.