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In-Depth Series

LPI Certifications

A series focusing on Linux Professional Institute Certifications (LPIC)

LPI study group - HPR Volunteers | 2011-06-29

This is a 13 week podcast of the LPI study group which was conducted with the group. This is a weekly meeting from June 8th to August 31 of 2011. Details can be found at the linuxbasix forums -

Syndicated Thursday is a channel on HPR to expose our listeners to other podcasts, interesting talks, or just the weird and wonderful.

LPI Certification Part 6 Device Configuration - Ken Fallon | 2008-07-15

Part 6 of the LPI series by ken fallon

LPI Ceritification Part 5 PCI Cards - Ken Fallon | 2008-07-08

GNU Free Documentation License
elpicx Live-CD/DVD
Leading Edge Training Notes

Commands Used:
lspci -h|less
lspci -n|less
locate pci.ids | less
less 'locate pci.ids | head -1
` lspci | less
lspci -s 00:1d -v |less
less /proc/pci
echo "Read"
less /proc/interupts less /proc/ioports less /proc/iomem less /proc/dma

Linux Professional Institute Certifications Part 4 - Ken Fallon | 2008-05-21

Ken continues his series on LPI Certifications

LPI Certifications Part 3 - Ken Fallon | 2008-03-19

LPI Certifications Part 2 - Ken Fallon | 2008-02-19

Continuing his journey toward LPI certification, Ken covers computer buses and system resources. Please note, there is a minute and a half, gap in this recording – your player's battery didn't die.

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