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In-Depth Series

LPI Certifications

A series focusing on Linux Professional Institute Certifications (LPIC)

LPI study group - HPR Volunteers | 2011-06-29

This is a 13 week podcast of the LPI study group which was conducted with the group. This is a weekly meeting from June 8th to August 31 of 2011. Details can be found at the linuxbasix forums -

Syndicated Thursday is a channel on HPR to expose our listeners to other podcasts, interesting talks, or just the weird and wonderful.

LPI Certification Part 6 Device Configuration - Ken Fallon | 2008-07-15


Candidates should be able to install and configure internal and external communication devices such as modems, ISDN adapters, and DSL switches. This objective includes verification of compatibility requirements (especially important if that modem is a winmodem), necessary hardware settings for internal devices (IRQs, DMAs, I/O ports), and loading and configuring suitable device drivers. It also includes communication device and interface configuration requirements, such as the correct serial port for 115.2 Kbps, and the correct modem settings for outbound PPP connection(s).

Key files, terms, and utilities include:

/proc/dma          Direct memory accessing channels in use
/proc/interrupts   Interrupts in use
/proc/ioports      I/O ports in use
setserial(8)       Configure serial port access for an internal modem

LPI Ceritification Part 5 PCI Cards - Ken Fallon | 2008-07-08

Commands Used:

lspci -h|less
lspci -n|less
locate pci.ids | less
less 'locate pci.ids | head -1`
lspci | less
lspci -s 00:1d -v |less
less /proc/pci
echo "Read"
less /proc/interupts
less /proc/ioports
less /proc/iomem
less /proc/dma

Linux Professional Institute Certifications Part 4 - Ken Fallon | 2008-05-21

Ken continues his series on LPI Certifications


LPI Certifications Part 3 - Ken Fallon | 2008-03-19

LPI Certifications Part 2 - Ken Fallon | 2008-02-19

Continuing his journey toward LPI certification, Ken covers computer buses and system resources. Please note, there is a minute and a half, gap in this recording – your player's battery didn't die.

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