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In-Depth Series


Initiated by Deepgeek, this series contains contributions from many hosts on the topic of Virtualization

Virtualization - Mark Clarke | 2009-04-23

Mark and Darlene talk about Virtualization

Collapsar - mirovengi | 2008-04-14

Collapsar Paper

Editor's Note 2018-10-20

The original link above seems to to be unavailable, but the paper referenced "Collapsar: A VM-Based Architecture for Network Attack Detention Center" is still available here.

Virtualization Part 2: Qemu quickstart - deepgeek | 2008-03-06

The commands:
qemu -soundhw es1370 -cdrom knoppix-std-0.1.iso
tar -xvf freebsd6.1rel.qcow.img20060526.tar
cd freebsd6.1rel.qcow.img
qemu-img info freebsd6.1rel.qcow.img
qemu freebsd6.1rel.qcow.img

The Links:

Intel Virtualization Technology - mirovengi | 2008-02-11

Mirovengi, reports on an article that details Intel's VT technology. The advantage of bringing virtualization down to the hardware level, is discussed.

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Benefits of Virtualization - deepgeek | 2008-01-22

Virtual Machines Part 1. Deepgeek, defines 'Virtual Machine', and gives examples of when it's advantageous to use one. The docdropper companion article can be found at the following address:

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