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hpr1556 :: Screenplay Writing On Linux and Chromebooks

Released: 2014-07-21. Duration: 00:13:09. Flag: Clean. Series: general.
Tags: screenplay,writing,Trelby,Raw Scripts.
ThistleWeb explores a couple of screenplay writing solutions for Linux and Chromebooks

hpr1195 :: Distractionless Writing

Released: 2013-03-01. Duration: 00:20:51. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: FocusWriter,PyRoom .
Writing with no distractions using FocusWriter and PyRoom

hpr0811 :: creative commons torrent tracker

Released: 2011-09-11. Duration: 00:46:30. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: torrent,"torrent seeder","creative commons",Drupal,EFF,GNU.
Plans to create a Drupal CMS with a Creative Commons torrent tracker

hpr0771 :: Mischief Managed

Released: 2011-07-15. Duration: 00:23:23. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: customs,TSA,security check.
Keeping your private data private during a border security check

hpr0617 :: So You Wanna Start A Band?

Released: 2010-12-14. Duration: 00:45:39. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: copyright,"creative commons",music.
How current copyright laws can affect musicians trying to start a band

hpr0485 :: Newsbeuter

Released: 2009-11-19. Duration: 00:28:24. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: Newsbeuter,News reader,podcatcher,aggregator.
ThistleWeb talks about the cli RSS reader called Newsbeuter

hpr0461 :: Mibbit

Released: 2009-10-08. Duration: 00:17:42. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: Mibbit,IRC,real-time language translation.
ThistleWeb discusses why you should have an embedded Mibbit client

hpr0444 :: Cherokee And Asyncronous Servers

Released: 2009-09-14. Duration: 00:23:44. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: Cherokee webserver,webservers,asynchronous.
Thistleweb discusses the Cherokee server

hpr0422 :: Comfortably Numblock'd

Released: 2009-08-13. Duration: 00:12:58. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: numlockx.
ThistleWeb explains 2 tips with the keypad / numlock function

hpr0417 :: Mozilla Addon usability

Released: 2009-08-06. Duration: 00:47:03. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: Mozilla,addon,usability,Firefox,Thunderbird,search,Songbird,package management,UX design.
A review of usability issues and potential improvements to Mozilla's add-on functionality

hpr0345 :: Editing the auto-generated menu in Linux

Released: 2009-04-27. Duration: 00:14:59. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: menus,icons,Xfce.
Thistleweb shows how to edit menus and icons

hpr0327 :: Mozilla Profiles

Released: 2009-04-01. Duration: 00:30:05. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: firefox,profiles,linux,windows,Thunderbird.
Thistleweb goes over profiles for Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird

hpr0320 :: Audacious

Released: 2009-03-23. Duration: 00:09:25. Flag: Explicit. Series: Lightweight Apps.
Tags: lightweight,multimedia,audio,music.
Thistleweb reviews a lightweight music player app, Audacious

hpr0285 :: Hacker

Released: 2009-02-02. Duration: 00:18:49. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: hacker,definition,linux.
Thistleweb talks about the term Hacker, and some meanings of the word.

hpr0274 :: TiddlyWiki

Released: 2009-01-16. Duration: 00:20:57. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: wiki,self-contained,java script,css.
Thistleweb review TiddlyWiki

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