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Shane Shennan

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episodes: 10

hpr2654 :: Making Crepes

Released: 2018-10-04. Duration: 00:12:47. Flag: Clean. Series: Cooking.
Tags: crepes, cooking, parenting.
Shane makes crepes from a simple recipe.

hpr2653 :: Using the EXACT Function in Excel

Released: 2018-10-03. Duration: 00:03:19. Flag: Clean. Series: general.
Tags: Excel.
Shane explains that he just learned a simple and useful Excel function.

hpr2650 :: My Pocket Knife

Released: 2018-09-28. Duration: 00:08:25. Flag: Clean. Series: What's in My Toolkit.
Tags: lock knife,Opinel knife.
Shane talks about his pocket knife for a few minutes.

hpr2408 :: My Current Favourite Podcasts

Released: 2017-10-25. Duration: 00:04:06. Flag: Clean. Series: Podcast recommendations.
Tags: podcasts, tech, maker, Christianity, science fiction, Klingon, humour, history.
Six of my favourite podcasts, as of October 2017.

hpr2406 :: Putting Ends onto CAT6 Ethernet Cables

Released: 2017-10-23. Duration: 00:08:29. Flag: Clean. Series: general.
Tags: CAT6, learning, DIY.
This was my experience learning how to put the ends onto CAT6 cable.

hpr2304 :: Using Gnome 3 for the First Time

Released: 2017-06-01. Duration: 00:10:43. Flag: Clean. Series: general.
Tags: ubuntu, linux, xfce, gnome 3, desktop environment.
Shane just switched his desktop environment from XFCE to Gnome 3. Here is his experience, so far.

hpr2299 :: What's in My Bag

Released: 2017-05-25. Duration: 00:06:16. Flag: Clean. Series: What's in My Toolkit.
Tags: instructor, bag.
Here are the five items in the bag I take to my job.

hpr2294 :: Activities with a Toddler

Released: 2017-05-18. Duration: 00:11:03. Flag: Clean. Series: general.
Tags: parenting, toddlers, children.
11 things you can do with a toddler you are taking care of.

hpr1521 :: Cardboard Greeting Cards

Released: 2014-06-02. Duration: 00:09:04. Flag: Clean. Series: general.
Tags: cardboard,greetings card.
Shane Shennan explains why he makes greeting cards out of pieces of cardboard boxes

hpr1308 :: Helping a New Computer User

Released: 2013-08-07. Duration: 00:19:12. Flag: Clean. Series: general.
Tags: "computer skills",hardware,"operating system","file management","text entry".
Skills for new computer users

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