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I've been in & out of computing since the late 70s.

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hpr2083 :: My 18th HPR Beer Podcast

Released: 2016-07-27. Duration: 00:04:39. Flag: Clean. Series: Beverages.
Tags: Beer Tasting.
JustMe here again. This time with my 18th beer tasting podcast. This time we're tasting a Flying Dog

hpr2063 :: My 3rd HPR Beer Podcast

Released: 2016-06-29. Duration: 00:02:27. Flag: Explicit. Series: Beverages.
Tags: beer tasting.
Introducing 2 beers that I feel you may like

hpr2058 :: My 14th Beer Podcast

Released: 2016-06-22. Duration: 00:06:55. Flag: Explicit. Series: Beverages.
Tags: Beer Tasting.
Talking about Troegs Brewery's Java Head Beer

hpr2053 :: My 2nd HPR Beer Podcast

Released: 2016-06-15. Duration: 00:02:12. Flag: Clean. Series: general.
Tags: beer tasting.
Describing the taste of beers I've tried

hpr2043 :: My First Beer Podcast

Released: 2016-06-01. Duration: 00:04:24. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: Beer Tasting.
Discussing beer tasting

hpr1887 :: Coffee Making Basics

Released: 2015-10-27. Duration: 00:10:42. Flag: Explicit. Series: Coffee.
Tags: coffee,coffee making .
Reply to HPR Episode 1871 & Coffee Making

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