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episodes: 9

hpr0754 :: The Language Frontier Episode 6

Released: 2011-06-22. Duration: 00:24:37. Flag: Explicit. Series: The Language Frontier.
Tags: "Noam Chomsky",Esperanto.
The last episode in the series

hpr0744 :: The Language Frontier Episode 5

Released: 2011-06-08. Duration: 00:22:18. Flag: Explicit. Series: The Language Frontier.

hpr0734 :: The Language Frontier Episode 4.5

Released: 2011-05-25. Duration: 00:09:53. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.

hpr0719 :: The Language Frontier Episode 4

Released: 2011-05-05. Duration: 00:18:02. Flag: Explicit. Series: The Language Frontier.

hpr0709 :: The Language Frontier Episode 3

Released: 2011-04-21. Duration: 00:24:16. Flag: Explicit. Series: The Language Frontier.
Tags: language,inefficiency,translation,media,medicine,science,literature.
in Skirlet's ep-3 in The Language Frontier miniseries, about the inefficiency of language.

hpr0674 :: The Language Frontier Episode 2

Released: 2011-03-03. Duration: 00:15:56. Flag: Explicit. Series: Syndicated Thursdays.
Tags: language,art,government,communication,music.
The Language Frontier; this episode, she talks about language's effect on art, and upon governments.

hpr0633 :: The Language Frontier Episode 1

Released: 2011-01-05. Duration: 00:22:59. Flag: Explicit. Series: The Language Frontier.
Tags: language,"the media",ads,buzzwords.
ep-1: she talks about the importance of language in everyday life, the media, ads, buzzwords, etc.

hpr0437 :: refit

Released: 2009-09-03. Duration: 00:05:01. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.

hpr0109 :: KDE 4 Tips

Released: 2008-05-30. Duration: 00:05:49. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: shortcuts,styles,kde.
Make your KDE look better and some shortcut tips.

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