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Dismal Science

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hpr783 :: Libertarianism + IT, a match made in heaven?

2011-08-02. 00:35:00. Clean. general.
linux, it, libertarianism, prediction, economics.

An exploration of a possible Libertarian near-future brought on by information technology

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hpr748 :: My Favorite Audiocasts

2011-06-14. 00:25:33. Clean. Podcast recommendations.
podcast, audiocast.

Today I share with you my list of favorite audiocasts w/ratings and reviews

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hpr707 :: Ubuntu on trial

2011-04-19. 00:37:34. Clean. general.
ubuntu, linux, desktop, desktop environment.

Speculation and critique of Ubuntu, and the desktop paradigm as a whole

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hpr646 :: Do we need a carrier plan for Android

2011-01-24. 00:26:43. Clean. general.
unlocked phone, SIP, Session Initiation Protocol, GPS.

Using Android without a phone or data plan, just WiFi

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hpr635 :: Cloudy Predictions

2011-01-07. 00:14:33. Clean. general.,, insipid.

A new contributor talks about the downside of external cloud solutions

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