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"Epicanis" has been this correspondent's pseudonym on the internet for enough years to make him feel old and to make it an established enough identity to not want to change it now.

A self-described Penguinista with a long career as a compu-janitor/systems administrator, Epicanis is broad-spectrum, multi-purpose "Swiss-Army Nerd", with a B.S. in Microbiology, an A.S. in Chemistry, a quarter-century of continuous I.T. experience and a desire to escape the economic roach-motel of rural northern Maine, so if you're looking to hire, let him know.

You can find him on Twitter and Google Plus via his pseudonym, and at (among other places)


hpr2353 :: RoboThermometer

2017-08-09. 00:12:36. Clean. general.
Raspberry Pi, Shell, Zabbix, Monitoring, Temperature, DS18B20, Sensors, Linux.

A surprisingly short geeky episode about connecting a temperature sensor to a Raspberry Pi

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hpr1989 :: WDTV Makes Me Itch

2016-03-17. 00:31:20. Clean. general.
linux, tutorial, howto, appliance, kiosk, media, video, audio, vlc, hardware, reuse.

A step-by-step description of turning an old computer into a simple linux media appliance

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hpr1513 :: Stir-Fried Stochasticity: Bio-Boogers

2014-05-21. 00:14:37. Clean. general.
Stir-Fried Stochasticity, science, microbiology, food science, polysaccharides, food, probiotics, snot, boogers, digestion.

Epicanis demonstrates a show concept: REAL science news, direct from a scientific journal articles

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hpr1393 :: Audio Metadata in Ogg, MP3, and others

2013-12-04. 00:45:09. Clean. general.
thoughtkindness, audio, metadata, ogg, mp3, vorbis, opus, flac, speex, matroska, webm, asf, mp4, wav, file formats, HTML5, tagging.

Epicanis discusses metadata tags in mp3, opus, ogg, flac, speex, and other audio formats.

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hpr1312 :: Deepgeek interviews Birgitta Jonsdottir (Icelandic Pirate Party parliamentarian)

2013-08-13. 00:53:17. Clean. Interviews.
tgtm, politics, Pirate Party, privacy.

Epicanis introduces Deepgeek interviewing Birgitta Jonsdottir

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hpr1233 :: Playing Ingress

2013-04-24. 00:52:37. Clean. general.
Ingress, Google, Gaming, Mobile, Geolocation, Mind-control.

Epicanis discusses playing Ingress, Google's new location-based capture-the-flag game in beta.

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hpr1103 :: Thoughtkindness: In Defense of Media Freetardation

2012-10-24. 01:19:50. Clean. general.
media format, freedom, Opus, Ogg Vorbis, WebM, MP3, Flash Video, MP4.

Media formats and freedom

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hpr757 :: Episode 0:

2011-06-27. 00:18:52. Clean. general.
review, linux, laptop, new host.

My first recording: Review of Ohava Computers Linux Laptop: OpenBook DO

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