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hpr4038 :: Network Attach Storage Options I Use Everyday

2024-01-24. 00:39:01. Clean. Networking.
Network Attached Storage, TrueNas, Synology, NAS, Windows, Linus, FreeBSD.

A quick overview of the NAS systems/technology I use today and what I have used in the past.

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hpr2913 :: Windows, SDN, and Firewalls

2019-10-02. 00:41:23. Explicit. Networking.
Windows, Firewalls, SDN.

Being a Windows User for the past 3 years, Information on SDN, and a DIY approach to a home Firewall

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hpr1468 :: A Whole Lot of Nothing: Chromebook EOL, CentOS WTF, Non Mainstream GNU/Linux Distros and more...

2014-03-19. 00:59:05. Explicit. general.
XFCE, Debian, CentOS, Bridge Linux, Bedrock Linux, Ansible.

Beto covers a wide range of subjects in this episode

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hpr1457 :: Xubuntu, Kali on EeePc, Markdown Stuff, Pogoplug 4, and more.

2014-03-04. 00:51:43. Explicit. general.
Xubuntu, Kali Linux, Markdown, PogoPlug, Hosting Services.

A review of several topics including Linux bug community participation and Markdown

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hpr1161 :: PAM Two Factor Auth SSH

2013-01-14. 00:48:42. Explicit. general.
ssh, authentication, two-factor authentication, google-authenticator.

Pluggable Authentication Modules and two-factor authentication with SSH

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