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Beeza has worked in just about every area of software development over the last 30 years, including long spells in the defence and finance industries. He is now relatively impoverished but far happier working for himself on a number of tech and non-tech projects.


hpr3542 :: The Worst Car I Ever Had

2022-03-01. 00:10:51. Clean. general.
Cars, automobiles.

Beeza releases 30 years of frustration about a particularly dreadful car he once owned.

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hpr3278 :: A Minor Victory Against Designed-In Obsolescence

2021-02-24. 00:08:33. Clean. general.
Ipad, Apple, Obsolescence, IOS, Hardware.

Extracting a bit more life out of a device that Apple would rather have you dump

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hpr3212 :: A Pi Model 3B as your daily driver? You must be joking.

2020-11-24. 00:12:35. Clean. general.
Raspberry Pi, Software Review.

Beeza's laptop is away being fixed. Can he manage for a few days using just his Raspberry Pi 3B?

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hpr2863 :: Simplified application architectures for improved security

2019-07-24. 00:15:55. Clean. general.
Application development, Application architecture, Security.

A thought experiment in whether reducing runtime dependencies can improve security and how to do it.

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hpr2420 :: Netbooks - Keeping an old friend alive

2017-11-10. 00:16:19. Clean. general.
Netbooks, Raspbian, Distros.

Why netbooks are not necessarily obsolete and how to keep them performing well

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hpr2365 :: Rolling out a radio-based internet service in rural England

2017-08-25. 00:19:36. Clean. general.
Internet, ISP, BT, Wireless Networking, Infrastructure, rural.

One person's quest to get a decent internet connection when the big corporations aren't interested.

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hpr1707 :: A tour round my desktop

2015-02-17. 00:47:01. Clean. general.
Desktop, applications, software, Linux.

A look at the applications I use, why I use them and the alternatives I've tried.

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hpr1514 :: Give The Small Guy A Try

2014-05-22. 00:12:10. Explicit. general.
Libre Office, mhWaveEdit, Decibel Audio Player.

Beeza and seeing if there is software which may suit your needs better than the mainstream

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hpr1252 :: The Long Road To Linux

2013-05-21. 00:31:35. Explicit. general.
minicomputer, daisywheel, winchester disk, FORTRAN77, DEC VAX, VMS, VAXcluster, IBM AS/400.

Beeza has been in the IT world for a long time

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