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Our own podcast "Linux ohne Angst" (in German, Linux without fear):


hpr3246 :: LXCast: freeing the Fairphone 3 (and many other phones)

2021-01-11. 00:29:04. Clean. Podcast recommendations.
LXCast, Smartphone, Android, Fairphone, FOSS.

We look at how to get a free smartphone operating system on the Fairphone 3 (and many other phones),

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hpr1837 :: Put an SSD in your Linux Box

2015-08-18. 00:18:22. Clean. Hardware upgrades.
SSD, Linux, BIOS, Update.

What to check, read, and update if you want to upgrade your Linux PC with an Solid State Disk.

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hpr1713 :: Fosdem 2015: Surveillance vs. Free Software

2015-02-25. 00:20:46. Clean. Interviews.
Fosdem, Surveillance, Free Software.

Interviews at the Free and Open Source devleopers meeting FOSDEM in Brussels.

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hpr1603 :: GUADEC 2014: Matthew Garrett Interview

2014-09-24. 00:14:50. Clean. Interviews.
Gnome, Guadec, Desktop, Garrett.

I was able to ask GUADEC Keynote Speaker and free software activist Matthew Garrett a few questions.

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