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hpr1788 :: Podcrawl Glasgow 2015

2015-06-10. 00:32:30. Clean. general.
Glasgow, Podcrawl, open source, ccmusic, podcast, Linux.

Dave Morriss and Kevie have a yarn about the upcoming event Podcrawl Glasgow 2015

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hpr1723 :: Success With Students

2015-03-11. 00:27:28. Clean. general.
open source, ccmusic, audacity, school, education.

From taking a podcasting course, students learn the benefit of Creative Commons and open source

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hpr1703 :: Open Source CD Rippers

2015-02-11. 00:26:19. Clean. general.
Sound Juicer, Asunder, Bashburn, Crip, Rhythmbox, VLC.

Kevie takes a look at a variety of CD ripping software available on Linux

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