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Started on the Altair 8800 in 1979 in Middle School (Very lucky to have a teacher who had a Comp Sci Degree).

Started my Comp/Sci Degree in 1984. They ran UNIX System V with VT220 terminals. Had to learn VI editor, shell commands and C in first 2 weeks to complete the Lab. Did some Co-ops Work-Terms, graduated in 1990.

Day Job is mostly Microsoft Environment, switched to Linux Mint at home summer of 2014.

Just Started an Educational Youtube Channel (April 2015). I am the Voice of the GNU Bull and my daughter is the voice for the Linux Penguin. Later added the Blog and Podcast. Trying to make it Family Friendly and bring life to relatively dry topic - Documentation.



hpr1783 :: Windows To Linux - Better Late Than Never.

2015-06-03. 00:10:04. Clean. general.
Linux, Mint, GNU, RTM, Mac, Windows, Open Source, Distro, Richard Stallman, Thinkpad, PlayOnThis is a stoLinux.

Long time Podcast listener finally gets off the fence and makes the switch. Now he's hooked.

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