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Everyday GNU/Linux-user, german-speaking, living in northern Europe.


hpr3932 :: Short introduction to inxi

2023-08-29. 00:07:17. Clean. What's in My Toolkit.
shell, inxi, forum.

folky gives the show about inxi that Ken wished for

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hpr3905 :: Presenting Fred Black

2023-07-21. 00:18:25. Clean. general.
school, podcasts, instrument, quiz.

I have a short talk to present Fred Black.

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hpr3557 :: A short story about Lenovo and laptop batteries

2022-03-22. 00:09:40. Clean. general.
lenovo, batteries, BIOS, customer service.

How Lenovo is spicing up the life of their user with strange challenges

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hpr2853 :: Feeding the beast

2019-07-10. 00:07:04. Clean. general.
bankid, swish, cash, payment, digitalization, sweden.

How the swedes are killing their hardcash and feeding the beast

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hpr2644 :: Error on show 2642

2018-09-20. 00:00:59. Clean. Podcast recommendations.
podcast, swedish, correction.

Error error

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hpr2642 :: My swedish and german Podcasts Part 2

2018-09-18. 00:05:18. Explicit. Podcast recommendations.
podcast, swedish, german, ccc.

I talk about 6 more podcasts in swedish and german. This time no radio network involved.

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hpr2576 :: My swedish and german podcasts part 1

2018-06-18. 00:05:35. Clean. Podcast recommendations.
podcasts, swedish, german, language, media, europe.

I'm recommending 6 podcasts in swedish and german

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hpr1992 :: How I'm handling my podcast-subscriptions and -listening

2016-03-22. 00:08:17. Explicit. general.
podcasts, tools, listening, podget.

I'm describing my workflow from receiving the files to listen to them.

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hpr1841 :: My way into Linux

2015-08-24. 00:09:36. Explicit. How I got into tech.
espeak, East Germany, punched cards, Commodore 64, Atari Mega ST, Macintosh, iMAC, MAC OS, LaTex, Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Bodhi, ArchBang.

From punch cards to Manjaro

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