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I'm a long haul trucker who runs all 48 states here in the US. I really enjoy tinkering with my laptops and used to do a lot of nuke and pave. I am afraid you wont find me on social media nor do I have a website. I don't really have much time for that stuff, and I have never been a big social butterfly, anyway. I live in north east Indiana, in the US. I am a father 3 times over, and Grampa twice over. Been married 26 years (yeah,... a VERY patient woman there). I work between 75 and 85 hrs a week, roughly 70 of it driving. I've been an HPR listener for about 2-3 years now, but as of 15 April 2016, I am just now contributing my first episode (shame...). I will strive to do better, Ken...!
PS: I really hate seeing people get scraped off the highways. I like tech too, but STOP TEXTING AND PLAYING WITH PHONES WHILE YOU DRIVE, EVERYONE. PLEASE!


hpr2413 :: personal health care

2017-11-01. 00:05:44. Clean. Health and Healthcare.
health, personal health.

wherein bitbox discovers he is fat, and can no longer find his feet

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hpr2022 :: Whats in my bag

2016-05-03. 00:26:27. Clean. What's in My Toolkit.
laptop, Wacom tablet, hard drive, antenna.

What I carry in my computer bag when I hit the road.

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