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Hi everyone! I like to write on the gopher and in common lisp. I am experimenting with idiomatic inclusion of formal ACL2 first order logic as part of larger ASDF3 common lisp system definitions that include side-effect modules. You might know me from the gopher. I normally use openbsd, but in different contexts I often use NetBSD or FreeBSD and I also use Gentoo and Debian linux.


hpr3801 :: Enter the gopher

2023-02-27. 00:13:42. Clean. general.
gopher, protocol, smolnet, tutorial, introduction, internet, retro.

Participating in the gopher internet protocol

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hpr3789 :: Common lisp portable games including acl2 formal logic

2023-02-09. 00:53:40. Clean. general.
common-lisp, acl2, asdf3, formal-methods, game, programming.

Describing exploratory libre common lisp portable games I am using acl2 formal methods in modules of

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