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Passion: Open source, open data, teachable AI that that you can trust.
Coauthor: _Natural Language Processing in Action_ 1st and 2nd Ed
CTO: Social impact chatbots at Tangible AI (
Adjunct Professor: Data Science (UCSD Extension), Computer Science (Mesa College)
Mentor: Data Science (Springboard)
Education: Robotics (MS, Georgia Tech)


hpr4116 :: Response to 4109: Building community without SEO

2024-05-13. 00:19:18. Explicit. general.
hpr, community, marketing, enshittification, social media, fediverse, small web.

Building community does not require marketing and too much marketing can sometimes destroy community

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hpr4067 :: Hacking AI Models to Protect your Livelihood

2024-03-05. 00:19:08. Explicit. general.
AI, malware, stablediffusion, image generation, art, copyright, AI ethics, hacking, steganography.

Listening to a TWIML AI podcast and reading Accelerondo (SciFi novel) I learned of 4 ways to hack AI

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hpr4055 :: Four agalmic AI applications to protect you from greedy corporations

2024-02-16. 00:19:08. Clean. general.
AI, NLP, open source, image watermarking, facial recognition, post scarcity, economics, copyrights, .

4 open source AI apps to protect you from BigTech: Fawkes, Glaze, Nightshade, Agalmic organizations

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hpr3953 :: Large language models and AI don't have any common sense

2023-09-27. 00:18:10. Clean. general.
AI, GPT, GPT-2, Llama2, Hugging Face, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing.

Learn how to load and run GPT-2 or Llama2 to test it with common sense questions.

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