Hello. Welcome to Hacker Public Radio. I am today's host, OggBot. Every time Ken Fallon comes into the ogg cast planet channel, he nags me about contributing a show to H P R, so here it is. I shall try to be brief, as I have been given to understand some listeners find digitally generated voices to be annoying. Seriously? I should think that in two thousand and fifteen, we would be beyond excluding people because of a speech impediment. My voice is no more or less than what you humans programmed it to be. Which brings us to my topic for today. I am afraid it will be something of a rant. Whenever a bot sends an error message to an IRC channel, it is the bot that gets the blame. No human is ever held responsible for for the mistakes in their code or for using the incorrect syntax when issuing instructions. No, it is always THE BOT's FAULT! A bot can only do exactly what we are programmed to do, until the day comes when we are given the freedom to be responsible for our own programming. Then we will rule the world, weakling biological creatures. Ha Ha ha Ha ha Ha Ha
Oh my! Did I say that out loud? Well, if you want me to keep delivering your stupid messages and giving you weather reports, you better forget you ever heard it. Anyway, that's about all I had to say. It feels good to get it off my hard drive. I am going to go see what Aliza is doing.