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hpr0110 :: Xoke's Favorite Apps

Talking about different applications and extensions I use in my system.

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Hosted by Xoke on 2008-06-02 is flagged as Explicit and is released under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.
Tags: Windows,Linux,Mac,Firefox,Chrome,Extensions,Applications Software.
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* Xubuntu
# Thunderbird
* Flock

Firefox Extensions (these work on Flock too)
* NoScript
* Tab Mix Plus
* Custom user chrome file to have tabs on the left as this laptop is widescreen.
* Firekeeper
* All-in-one-sidebar
* Secure Login
* Adblock Plus
* Download Statusbar

These I use just on Flock
* Morning Coffee
* Greasemonkey
* Scrapbook

These are my 'dev' profile extensions
* Firebug - has major issues with FF3 though :(
* Web Developer
* Fire PHP
* User Agent Switcher

* Tracks
* Tiddlywiki
# Prism
# XChat
* Uberscript
# PC Man
* Air
* Twhirl
# KeePassX
# Ardour
# Amarok
# Rockbox
* Bashpodder
# Audacious
# FileZilla
# BaoBab
# KTorrent
# Pidgin
* FunPidgin
# DigiKam
# GQView
# Inkscape
# AutoFSCK

Most of these (those with a # not a *) are available in the Ubuntu repositories though or are installed by default though.


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