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hpr0492 :: TIT Radio Ep 14

Monsterb and friends host TiT Radio

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Hosted by monsterb on 2009-12-09 is flagged as Explicit and is released under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.
Kdevelop, apt-fast git script. (Be the first).
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Duration: 01:02:21

Tit Radio.

Welcome to TiT Radio! The only Hacker Public Radio show with super cow powers broadcasting live on every utter Saturday night at 11pm CST. You may be asking yourself "What in tarnation is Tit Radio?" Well, it's a potluck style roundtable of geeks talking about Free Software, GNU + Linux, and anything geeky the TiTs bring to the table. Chat with the TiTs over at #linuxcranks. Thats no bull.

TiT Radio Episode 014 - Potluck Roundtable of Geeks

monsterb starts the show by mentioning the great shows on Hacker Public Radio like "Demo or Bust by SigFlup", "Talk Geek to Me by deepgeek", and mentions the active contributors like finux, Ken Fallon, Thistleweb, and lostnbronx. He also reads some email from Denny (Polarwave's OpenBSD Tips and Tricks for Newbies) and Jos (Camp KDE 2010).

Azimuth talks about setting up a dirty, quick, temporary, unsecure, simple HTTP server to share files.
alias webshare='python -c "import SimpleHTTPServer;SimpleHTTPServer.test()"'
2.) cd to directory to be served
webshare    # ctrl-c to exit.
Az also mentions FOSSCasts (free screencasts covering Linux, Unix, and Open Source software in general).

monsterb mentions Debian GNU/kFreeBSD (port that consists of GNU userland using the GNU C library on top of FreeBSD's kernel, coupled with the regular Debian package set). ISOs can be found at the Georgia Tech FTP.

Klaatu talks about Quanta Plus (a highly stable and feature rich web development environment) and KDevelop (free opensource IDE).

artv61 talks about Axel (a command line application which accelerates HTTP/FTP downloads by using multiple sources for one file).

threethirty mentions the first FSF endorsed netbook running gNewSense.
Source: In other words, DRM from top to bottom ... From

COtW (Command of the Week):
Azimuth$ inxi (command line information script)
Download & Install: #
cd /usr/local/bin && wget -Nc && chmod +x inxi
find ~ -type f -iname '*.ogg'
pinfo (viewer for Info documents, which is based on ncurses. The key-commands are in the style of lynx.)

Other things mentioned: Chromium OS, Cranky Geeks, DistroWatch, KOffice, Linux Mint, Powerpill, Qt Creator, TuxRadar, and TuxRadar's "Code Project: create an ffmpeg front-end"

Caller: SndChaser

TerryF's Song of the Week: Shine by Cactus

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