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hpr0916 :: HPR Community News for Dec 2011/Jan 2012

HPR Community News for Dec 2011/Jan 2012

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Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2012-02-05 is flagged as Explicit and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Community News. (Be the first).
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HPR Community News.

A monthly look at what has been going on in the HPR community. This is a regular show scheduled for the first Monday of the month.

New hosts

Welcome to our new hosts: Frank Bell, NYbill and Windigo, garjola, Ahuka, Akranis, mordancy, MrX, BrocktonBob, and dmfrey.

Show Review

id title host
871 HPR Community News for Nov 2011 HPR Admins
872 Packaging YUM klaatu
873 Philip and Rebecca Newborough of CrunchBang Ken Fallon
874 Interview: Lucy Chambers, Open Knowledge Foundation Robin Catling
875 Replacing Older Hardware JWP
876 Packaging applications: BSD ports klaatu
877 Welcome Frank Bell Frank Bell
878 OpenShorts Episode 4 MrGadgets
879 SMLR 009 HPR Admins
880 Handbook for the Criminally Insane HPR_AudioBookClub
881 Intel Atom processor JWP
882 RPM format klaatu
883 Dan Lynch interview Ken Fallon
884 Cross Platform Streaming Knightwise
885 Redo Backup and Recovery 1.0.1. Johninsc
886 Product lifecycle management (PLM) Ken Fallon
887 init() NYbill and Windigo
888 EMACS Help Sources JWP
889 New Year's Eve Show Announcement HPR Admins
890 Where's my flying car ! MrGadgets
891 Hacker Public Radio New Year's Eve Part 1/8 HPR Admins
892 Hacker Public Radio New Year's Eve Part 2/8 (A Bit About Fedora) HPR Admins
893 Hacker Public Radio New Year's Eve Part 3/8 (Everybody loves Crunchbang... except Klaatu) HPR Admins
894 Hacker Public Radio New Year's Eve Part 4/8 (Mrs Cornominal brings the naughty) HPR Admins
895 Hacker Public Radio New Year's Eve Part 5/8 (Funding Free Culture) HPR Admins
896 Hacker Public Radio New Year's Eve Part 6/8 (The Unix Fight and Thank You Kevin) HPR Admins
897 Hacker Public Radio New Year's Eve Part 7/8 (The Grand Finale) HPR Admins
898 Hacker Public Radio New Year's Eve Part 8/8 (The After Show) HPR Admins
899 Sunday Morning Linux Review - New Year Show HPR Admins
900 Episode 000 - Introduction garjola
901 Ahuka: Intro and How I Got Into Linux Ahuka
902 TGTM Tech News for 2012-01-09 deepgeek
903 SOPA Protest HPR Admins
904 Frostcast Northeast GNU/linux fest. HPR Admins
905 Akranis: How I got into Linux Akranis
906 FOSDEM 2012 Ken Fallon
907 Learning mordancy
908 TV Downloader TED riddlebox
909 KC0058 : Streampunking with Instapaper HPR Admins
910 Introduction to Pagekite. Kevin Granade
911 Hobbies MrX
912 How I cut The Cable Cord Part1 BrocktonBob
913 Exchanging Data Podcast 1 dmfrey
914 Sunday Morning Linux Review: Episode 014 HPR Admins
915 TGTM Newscast for 2012/01/17 deepgeek

New Regular Slots

  • 1st Monday every month: HPR Admins with "Community News"
  • Every Thursday: HPR Presents: Syndicated Shows/Talks/Other works of note.
  • 1st Thursday every month: Sunday Morning Linux Review.
  • Most Fridays: Talk Geek To Me.
  • Every second Tuesday: linux in the shell

Thanks To

Too many to thank.

Sorry To

Too many to apologise to.

Other items

HPR vetting policy relating to adult, political, etc....
Should we release at weekends

Episode 1000 and 1024

We should come up with an idea to celebrate Ep1000 ?
Answer = YES

For episode 1000 we will be gathering a sample of community members emailing their congratulations but for episode 1024 :)

FiftyOneFifty will be coordinating a EPIC "live" show so please email your contributions to


Wow t

We need an event manager
Please add your event to

When What Where Who
2012-01-20..22 Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE)
2012-02-04..05 Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting (FOSDEM)
2012-03-17 The Northeast GNU/Linux fest Pokey/Klaatu
2012-04-28..29 LinuxFest Northwest David Whitman (
2012-09-28..30 Ohio LinuxFest 2012 (Call for talks)

Sailor 1: That new wife of your's isn't there Derik
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Anna: Derik !!!
Derik: Anna !!!
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