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hpr1046 :: HPR Community News July 2012

HPR Community News July 2012

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Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2012-08-06 is flagged as Explicit and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Community News. (Be the first).
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HPR Community News.

A monthly look at what has been going on in the HPR community. This is a regular show scheduled for the first Monday of the month.

New hosts

Welcome to our new host: aparanoidshell and Famicoman

Show Review

id title host
1021 HPR Community News June 2012 HPR Admins
1022 LiTS 010 - df - Exploring Disk Filesystem Usage Dann
1023 About Rivendell with Rivendell AukonDK
1024 Episode 1024 Various Hosts
1025 Infonomicon Episode #51 Various Hosts
1026 Setting up a WordPress blog part 4 Frank Bell
1027 Migrating away from Google Reader Ken Fallon
1028 Jonathan Kulp and NYbill: Goodwill Hunting Various Hosts
1029 Karen Sandler on Medical Devices: OGG Camp Part Two Robin Catling
1030 Ruben Rodriquez talks about Trisquel Linux Various Creative Commons Works
1031 Backing up your dvd collection using mencoder BrocktonBob
1032 LiTS 011: du - disk usage Dann
1033 Go RTFM aparanoidshell
1034 PXE Boot Ken Fallon
1035 OGG Camp 11 Panel Discussion Robin Catling
1036 Setting up Your First Ham Radio Station Joel
1037 Soldering Part 1 MrX
1038 Interview with George Vlahavas and Andreas born of the SalixOS project pokey
1039 Matt Lee Gnu FM and Libre FM Various Creative Commons Works
1040 Steam on Linux Lord Drachenblut and Downer
1041 Home from H.O.P.E. Various Hosts
1042 LiTS: 012 - tail Dann
1043 Hacking Second Hand - Obtaining Old Tech Famicoman
1044 OggCamp11: Oracle Linux JWP
1045 Genealogy Mike Hingley

Thanks to

  • Iwan Gabovitch for the heads up about the wrong CC lisence on the site
  • Dave Morriss for all the fantastic work he's doing on the backend system
  • Frank Bell and Ehtyar Holmes for all the fantastic work he's doing on the frontend system
  • David Whitman for tracking the keywords on past episodes and for the kind donation towards paying for the European HPR banner
  • Richard Querin for the fantastic artwork
  • Xoke for the idea
  • Jonathan Nadeau for the cpanel script

Apologies to

  • DeepGeek who sent in this
    I wanted to ask in regards to the next community news that a mention that I installed a new webpage design while on my May sabbatical, and please also announce that the second month of my sabbatical will be taken for the month of July. In August, I will resume my full schedule of three-per-month and will produce three for this month, June.
  • DeepGeek when I forgot to announce that he would be at hope
  • Windigo for missing that he was a new host
  • Mike Hingley and DoorToDoorGeek for not sending him the FTP details
  • Dave Morriss, Frank Bell and Ehtyar Holmes for not providing them enough information for the new site
  • NYbill for not putting their show out sooner
  • Everyone for the delay in getting the Queue and Calendar published

Other Notes

  • We're pushing out all the 2011 OggCamp content from last year
  • Droops where are you
  • hprhackers group created on


HOPE9 Quvmoh Nybill and a shy fellow
In case anyone is interested in audio for the talks at HOPE9, they just went up at


Ken will be at OggCamp on August 18 / 19, Art and Design Academy, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, L3 5RD. If you are there coma along to the booth and sign the table. There will be a very limited number of t-shirts. Stickers were too expensive this time. If there is time, Ken will put together a booklet on the podcasts listed on site.

Ohio LinuxFest 2012 Registration is Open for Business

A message from Kevin O'Brien
We are opening up Registration for the 2012 Ohio LinuxFest event, and we'd appreciate it if you could pass along this message through whichever social media you prefer. The Registration page is at

AccessibleComputingFoundation fundraiser

We would like to announce the first fundraiser for the Accessible Computing Foundation!. It will be held on August 25 from 12pm EST until 12am EST August 26. This event will be streamed at The New Radiofor the entire event. It's going to be held over at Linux Basix, using their Mumble server. To find out the information for the Mumble server, please visit the Linuxbasixsite . We'll be able to have up to 30 people in the room at once, so come and join us in talking about accessibility and Free software.

So far, joining the event we will be having Jono Bacon from Ubuntu, and Zack the Debian project leader. If you'd like to speak with either of them, please come and join us on August 25. The goal for this fundraiser is to have 1000 people become members of the ACF at $2 a month. We have 3 other levels of membership options if anyone is interested. This would be a great help to the foundation and really get us off of the ground to start bridging the gap between accessibility and technology.

The reason we're focusing on the $2/month level is because it's only 50 cents a week and we think this is a goal most people could meet, even if living on a fixed income like so many people with disabilities. Since monthly membership is so low, we are really depending on MANY people to become members to make this difference. Granted $2 a month isn't much, but if we can get a large number of people thinking this way, it will add up quickly and help out the Accessible Computing Foundation in a great way. So please, join us on August 25 and help bring Accessible Freedom to people around the world!


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