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hpr1696 :: HPR Community News for January 2015

Live community recording from FOSDEM 2015.

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Hosted by HPR Volunteers on Monday 2015-02-02 is flagged as Explicit and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: Community News.

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Part of the series: HPR Community News

A monthly look at what has been going on in the HPR community. This is a regular show scheduled for the first Monday of the month.

New hosts

Welcome to our new hosts:
Rho`n, daw, Cibola Jerry.

Last Month's Shows

Id Date Title Host
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1675 2015-01-02 New Year Show Part 2 of 8 HPR Volunteers
1676 2015-01-05 HPR Community News for December 2014 HPR Volunteers
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1682 2015-01-13 Introduction to the Netizen Empowerment Federation daw
1683 2015-01-14 Theater of the Imagination: Part 06 lostnbronx
1684 2015-01-15 5150 Shades of Beer Jacob Leinenkugels Winter Explorer Pack FiftyOneFifty
1685 2015-01-16 45 - LibreOffice Calc - Styles and Templates Introduced Ahuka
1686 2015-01-19 Interview with Joel Gibbard of OpenHand Steve Bickle
1687 2015-01-20 Podcast recommendations Thaj Sara
1688 2015-01-21 Some useful tools when compiling software Rho`n
1689 2015-01-22 Linux Voice magazine at OggCamp beni
1690 2015-01-23 Arduino 101 Breadboard klaatu
1691 2015-01-26 Arduino 101 Arduino IO klaatu
1692 2015-01-27 Boulevard Brewing Company "Sample Twelve" FiftyOneFifty
1693 2015-01-28 DD fun Cibola Jerry
1694 2015-01-29 My APOD downloader Dave Morriss
1695 2015-01-30 46 - LibreOffice Calc - The Object Model and Using Templates Ahuka

Comments this month

There are 17 comments:

  • hpr1693 (2015-01-28) "DD fun" by Cibola Jerry.
    1. Dave on 2015-01-29:"Great tutorial"
    2. incandenza on 2015-01-29:"My favorite so far"

  • hpr1691 (2015-01-26) "Arduino 101 Arduino IO" by klaatu.
    1. mcnalu on 2015-01-27:"Arduislack"
    2. archer72 on 2015-01-29:"[no title]"

  • hpr1690 (2015-01-23) "Arduino 101 Breadboard" by klaatu.
    1. Mike Ray on 2015-01-22:"3v3"
    2. Tcuc on 2015-01-23:"Nice, great quality :-) "

  • hpr1683 (2015-01-14) "Theater of the Imagination: Part 06" by lostnbronx.
    1. Epicanis on 2015-01-22:"Timely information!"

  • hpr1673 (2014-12-31) "How I use ZFS on Linux" by Michal Cieraszynski.
    1. Klaatu on 2015-01-07:"great episode!"

  • hpr1672 (2014-12-30) "Systemd for Learner Drivers " by Steve Smethurst.
    1. Steve Smethurst on 2015-01-04:"Correction"
    2. Alison Chaiken on 2015-01-04:"Thanks for informative episode"

  • hpr1667 (2014-12-23) "How to start a Blog" by Rill.
    1. Rill on 2014-12-31:"T for the tip.hanks"

  • hpr1665 (2014-12-19) "44 - LibreOffice Calc - Working With Pivot Tables" by Ahuka.
    1. Steve Bickle on 2015-01-18:"What version of LibreOffice was the example created in?"
    2. Steve Bickle on 2015-01-18:"Last comment really belongs on ep 1655"
    3. Kevin O'Brien on 2015-01-19:"LibreOffice Version"

  • hpr1660 (2014-12-12) "Trying out Slackware" by beni.
    1. Klaatu on 2015-01-07:"slacker"

  • hpr1654 (2014-12-04) "Using AS numbers to identify where you are on the Internet" by Ken Fallon.
    1. Klaatu on 2015-01-07:"Very informative"

  • hpr1643 (2014-11-19) "Unison Syncing Utility" by FiftyOneFifty.
    1. Ken Fallon on 2015-01-06:"Workaround to my unison issues"

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