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hpr1890 :: A short walk with my son

Dave takes a walk with his son Alex and spouts a bunch of random guff about things

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Hosted by thelovebug on 2015-10-30 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
microphone, audio quality,, The Bugcast, Duffercast. 3.
The show is available on the Internet Archive at:

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Duration: 00:18:42


We start the show by saying ta-ra to the wife and daughters and starting on our walk.

Note to self: record an HPR episode about coffee

This episode inspired by jonkulp's emergency HPR episode entitled "biking2work", as mentioned on his GNUsocial post:

I give a brief introduction to who I am, and where I live.

Neewer Lapel Microphones from Amazon UK

The lapel mic issue at our church. £1.50 a piece, rather than £25+ for an official replacement.

Background to my 7½ year podcasting history:

Other music podcasts too

Note to self: record an HPR episode on my journey into podcasting
Note to self: record an HPR episode on my journey into Linux

Metric vs Imperial measurements

Note to self: record an HPR episode on variances between different measurement systems

A comparison between my Nexus 7 and my Olympus DM-3 recorder, both with and without the lapel mic.

Small glitch in the recording resulted in about 5 seconds being dropped, so it sounds a little disjointed at one point

Opinion around acceptable audio quality.
"If you can hear it, it's good enough."

Note to self: record an HPR episode on Auphonic and how to improve audio quality with very little effort

What would happen if Alex slipped and rolled down the hill.
Alex gives a quick introduction to himself.
He's also the slowest human in history.

I did run this episode through Auphonic, which didn't do a bad job in the slightest.
Settings used: Adaptive Leveler, Filtering, Noise and hum reduction set to Auto.
According to the processing results, hum reduction wasn't needed.

It would appear as though I've promised Ken 5 new shows - no pressure, eh.

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Comment #1 posted on 2015-10-30 13:27:58 by Jon Kulp

Up with the $2 lapel mic!

Sound quality was terrific, Dave. so glad you recorded this show and also really glad that my recommendation of the $2 microphone was so useful to you. My son and I listened to this episode while I was driving him to school and we were both totally cracking up at your son. Very funny stuff!

Comment #2 posted on 2015-10-31 18:45:21 by Mike Ray

Audio Quality

I can't agree with your comments about audio quality.

The 'anything is better than nothing' mantra is quite correct IMHO.

A requirement to strive for BBC quality is likely to discourage people. Even more so a suggestion to use some kind of online audio-enhancing service.

If you can't hear a podcast because you're driving a noisy car I suggest you listen to it when you aren't.

Comment #3 posted on 2015-11-03 11:52:57 by Jon Kulp

Better is better

Sorry but I agree with Dave on this one. Audio quality shouldn't be a barrier to submission, but everyone should aspire to make recordings that are 1) clearly audible at normal playback volume and 2) are not distorted or clipping. These criteria do not exactly constitute BBC-level standards. I don't care that much in the end. If the audio quality doesn't meet my 2 (very basic) criteria, I just delete that episode and wait til the next day for another one.

Incidentally Auphonic is an excellent tool that can help with this and requires no technical expertise. I'm not advocating it necessarily, but it's one very easy way to improve audio.

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