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hpr1896 :: User Local Software

Eric describes a technique for organizing and working on user-installed source code and binaries

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Hosted by Eric Duhamel on Monday 2015-11-09 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: linux, gnulinux, freesoftware, sourcecode.

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In this recording I describe how I decided where to store software that I downloaded manually, as opposed to software that is installed and organized automatically by GNU/Linux systems.

SPOILER: I settled on ~/local/src/ and ~/local/opt/

Happy Halloween.

This is my first time recording a podcast. I recorded this in an afternoon when no one else was around except the furry kids and the neighbors outside. I've had the idea for this episode for a while, but having never recorded before didn't really know when/where/how to do it until just now.

The perspective of this episode comes from a GNU/Linux user since Sept. 2012, and a little bit of experience from 2002-2004. I'm interested in easy, simple solutions that everyone can use to solve problems or use new things.

Special thanks to Clacke for recommending in his recent episode the free/open-source Android recording application uRecord available from F-Droid. The resulting audio sounds great and uRecord is very easy to use. I recorded several separate paragraphs and concatenated them with Audacity.

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Comment #1 posted on 2015-11-26T03:04:08Z by Eric Duhamel

Other ideas

anakep had another suggestion. "I designed ~/.files.d to organize all my software and files.
all my daemon-sotware, personnal code, backups, auto-backups."

Comment #2 posted on 2016-02-01T16:11:13Z by Boclodoa

I have a directory for this purpose too, the name has changed several times, currently is "code_from_beyond", beyond my repo. It is too long, maybe it will change to codefb or something like that.

I totally agree with the need of some directories which are not touched by the system, but only by the user.

I don't like .files.d very much because it feels too generic for me.

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