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hpr2678 :: Explaining the controls on my Amateur HF Radio Part 4

In this episode I cover the first four Receiver section controls of the TS940S

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Hosted by MrX on 2018-11-07 is flagged as Explicit and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: HF, Ham, Amateur Radio.
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Part of the series: HAM radio, QSK

"I can hear you between my signals." --Definition of QSK This netcast is a personal project. From time to time in my life I've encountered things that I want to share with others. Sharing will be the name of the game here. The topics are sure to be varied, from computers and technology to politics and sociology, from pet peeves to in-depth software how-tos. I'm not sure there's any way to put a classification on what you might hear when you listen, but the hope is that no matter what the subject it will always lead to outrage, thoughtful contemplation, sounds of disgust, a nod of agreement, a fist-shake of righteous indignation. If I can spark some neural activity or inspire a conversation, I have done my job properly. I've already described the netcast to several people who have asked as "80% tech and 20% rant." That might be a good way to sum it up; or it may not. I'm jumping in the car and going along for the ride just like you are. Along the way I hope I put out some interesting information, get tons of feedback from listeners, and overall simply engage the human race (at least the part of it that is listening to me) in a broad dialog. So dip your toes in. The water's fine. You can find the OGG Feed link at the top of the page for downloading the audio episodes to your favorite podcatcher. Let's see where the mood takes us. Intro and Outro music is "Sly Bone" by Larry Seyer.

The three dual function controls covered are


Pitch/AF Tune

  • (2A) Pitch (From the Kenwood manual)
    The CW PITCH control is provided so that you may adjust the pitch or tone of the incoming CW signal so that the tone is pleasing to you. The TS-940S accomplishes this without shifting the actual transmitter or receiver frequency, by shifting the 100kHz IF frequency, just prior to Product detection.

  • (2B) AF Tune (From the Kenwood manual)
    The AF TUNE circuit is just the opposite of the NOTCH circuit. With this control, it is possible to accentuate the desired signal by providing additional rejection of noise and interfering signals whose pitch (tone) falls outside the audio passband. Turn the AF TUNE switch ON and adjust the AF TUNE control to peak the desired signal.


  • (3A) RIT – Receiver incremental Tune
    The RIT control allows shifting the receive frequency without effecting the transmit frequency

  • (3B) XIT – Transmitter incremental Tune
    The XIT control allows shifting the transmit frequency without effecting the receive frequency


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