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hpr2805 :: My 50th Show

This is a review of the other 49 shows I've posted in the last 3 years

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Hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212 on Friday 2019-05-03 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: HPR, Linacityux, podcasting, Audacity.

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Hallo this is again Tony Hughes for HPR. This is an auspicious show for me as it’s my 50th show that I have recorded and released on HPR in my own right. However prior to my 1st show in my own right I did guest on 2 shows.

The first of these was:

  • hpr0844 :: The Flying Handbag hosted by HPR Volunteers
    Released: 2011-10-26

Which was a show that was recorded at Barcamp Blackpool in 2011, when a group of us got together to record a podcast, the hilarious thing was that the only place we could find to record was a stairwell which happened to be next to the toilets, definitely not family friendly but if you want a laugh have a listen.

The next show I appeared on was an interview I did with Ken Fallon at my first OggCamp in the same year.

  • hpr0863 :: Tony Hughes Free Cycle hosted by Ken Fallon
    Released: 2011-11-22.

Ken was as usual trying to recruit new hosts and interviewed me with the hope that I would become one. Well I did but it took another 5 years before I finally recorded my first show in my own right.

First just to say the idea for this show comes from hpr2700 in which Ken created a script to automate the bot voice reading a list of every show that has been released on HPR, so to celebrate my 50th Show I thought I would list my shows but with me running through them and do a brief summary of the show where appropriate.

  1. hpr2051 :: My Linux Journey
    Released on 2016-06-13
    in this episode I talked about my journey in computing and starting to use Linux

  2. hpr2056 :: Interview with a young hacker
    Released on 2016-06-20
    This was my first of several interviews with @All_about_Code at my local Raspberry Jam

  3. hpr2065 :: Whats in My Bag
    Released on 2016-07-01
    Looking at this show so tells me I have to redo this show as my bag is very different these days

  4. hpr2076 :: What Magazines I read Part 1
    Released on 2016-07-18
    just what the title said, I talked about the magazines I was reading at that point in time.

  5. hpr2087 :: Magazines I read Part 2
    Released on 2016-08-02
    This was a follow up of the last show

  6. hpr2097 :: New Toys
    Released on 2016-08-16
    I talked about my hardware journey over the last 30 odd years and talked about the i7 system I had just bought 2nd hand

  7. hpr2101 :: What’s on my podcatcher
    Released on 2016-08-22
    A show about the podcasts I listen to.

  8. hpr2144 :: An Interview with All About Code at Manchester BarCamp
    Released on 2016-10-20
    a follow up interview with Josh

  9. hpr2151 :: BarCamp Manchester part 2
    Released on 2016-10-31
    An interview with Claire, the organiser of BarCamp Manchester.

  10. hpr2157 :: BarCamp Manchester part 3
    Released on 2016-11-08
    This was an interview with Alan O’Donohoe who had started the Raspberry Jam movement

  11. hpr2257 :: Watt OS
    Released on 2017-03-28
    Acer Aspire One Netbook – Review

  12. hpr2265 :: WattOS on Lenovo X61s
    Released on 2017
    Lenovo X61s – Review

  13. hpr2271 :: Raspberry Pi Zero W
    Released on 2017-04-17
    Review Episode on the then New Pi Zero W

  14. hpr2280 :: Lenovo X61s Part 2
    Released on 2017-04-28
    Follow up review after a SSD upgrade and using Linux Lite

  15. hpr2286 :: Surviving a Stroke
    Released on 2017-05-08
    A very personal episode about my surviving a Stroke in February 2017

  16. hpr2295 :: MX Linux
    Released on 2017-05-19
    A review episode using this OS on a Lenovo X230i after a hardware boot issue with Linux Mint and an SSD

  17. hpr2331 :: Liverpool Makefest 2017 Show 1
    Released on 2017-07-10
    The first of a number of interview shows from the 2017 Liverpool Makefest

  18. hpr2336 :: Liverpool Makefest 2017 Show 2
    Released on 2017-07-17

  19. hpr2341 :: Liverpool Makefest 2017 Show 3
    Released on 2017-07-24

  20. hpr2346 :: Liverpool Makefest 2017 Show 4
    Released on 2017-07-31

  21. hpr2352 :: Liverpool Makefest 2017 Show 5
    Released on 2017-08-08

  22. hpr2362 :: Raspbian X86 on Lenovo x61s
    Released on 2017-08-22
    Review of Raspbian X86 on a Lenovo X61s

  23. hpr2366 :: Making Bramble Jelly
    Released on 2017-08-28
    Just what it says on the tin I talk about making Bramble jelly,

  24. hpr2374 :: How to Make Sauerkraut
    Released on 2017-09-07
    Another food show on how to make Sauerkraut

  25. hpr2380 :: Raspbian X86 on P4 Tower
    Released on 2017-09-15
    Follow up this time running Raspbian X86 on an old P4 Tower

  26. hpr2405 :: Nokia 6 Review
    Released on 2017-10-20
    I reviewed my new phone

  27. hpr2432 :: Living with the Nokia 6 – an update to HPR 2405
    Released on 2017-11-28
    Follow up update show having lived with the phone for a couple of months.

  28. hpr2442 :: The sound of Woodbrooke Quaker Study centre in the Spring
    Released on 2017-12-12
    This was a soundscape recording I made at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in Birmingham UK while I was there in April 2017.

  29. hpr2579 :: Ubuntu 18.04 Mate
    Released on 2018-06-21
    A review of the recently released Ubuntu 18.04 Mate

  30. hpr2590 :: Blowing a PC Power Supply
    Released on 2018-07-06
    A show about how not to blow your PC power supply

  31. hpr2595 :: New laptop bargain?
    Released on 2018-07-13
    A review on my recently purchased secondhand Toshiba Z30 laptop

  32. hpr2601 :: Liverpool Makerfest 2018
    Released on 2018-07-23
    Chris Dell

  33. hpr2606 :: Liverpool Makefest 2018 - interview with Dan Lynch
    Released on 2018-07-30
    A podcast Legend

  34. hpr2612 :: Liverpool Makefest 2018 - interview with Joe aka Concrete Dog
    Released on 2018-08-07
    About Rocketry

  35. hpr2616 :: Liverpool Makefest 2018 - interview with Josh - A.K.A - All About Code
    Released on 2018-08-13.
    This is another short interview recorded at Liverpool Makefest, with Josh talking about EduBlocks.

  36. hpr2621 :: Liverpool Makefest 2018 - Chan’nel Thomas a.k.a little pink maker
    Released on 2018-08-20
    I talk to Chan’nel Thomas aka little pink maker.

  37. hpr2626 :: Liverpool Makefest 2018 - interviews with Helen and Chris
    Released on 2018-08-27
    In this episode I talk to Helen from Manchester Hackspace and Chris from Wirral Code Club

  38. hpr2632 :: Liverpool Makefest 2018 - interviews with Robert and Carl
    Released on 2018-09-04
    In this episode I talk to Robert from Roberts Workshop and Carl from Edgehill University

  39. hpr2636 :: Liverpool Makefest 2018 - interviews with Noel from JMU FabLab
    Released on 2018-09-10

  40. hpr2641 :: Liverpool Makefest 2018 - interview with Rachel from the MicroBit Foundation
    Released on 2018-09-17

  41. hpr2646 :: Liverpool Makefest 2018 - Interview with Steve and Gerrard from the Liverpool Astronomical society.
    Released on 2018-09-24

  42. hpr2652 :: Liverpool Makefest 2018 - Interview with Caroline and John
    Released on 2018-10-02 under a CC-BY-SA license.
    This was the final interview from Makefest 2018 in Liverpool. In this interview I interview one of the founder members of Makefest, Caroline Keep, and the Head Teacher of the school where she works, John Carling.

  43. hpr2663 :: Short review on a 2.5 inch SSD/HDD caddy
    Released on 2018-10-17
    Quick hardware review

  44. hpr2702 :: Audacity set up and response to episode 2658
    Released on 2018-12-11
    I post my response to show 2658 by Dave and Al

  45. hpr2735 :: Soffritto
    Released on 2019-01-25
    Another food show

  46. hpr2738 :: My Applications
    Released on 2019-01-30
    This and my 47th episode were about the applications I use in Linux

  47. hpr2746 :: My software part 2
    Released on 2019-02-11

  48. hpr2772 :: My applications and software part 3
    A short show about the software I use in Linux Mint

  49. hpr2786 :: My YouTube Channels
    A short show about some of my YouTube channels inspired by Ahuka

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