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hpr3068 :: Keeping track of downloads in Elm

Tuula shows how to keep track of what data is being downloaded in Elm

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Hosted by Tuula on 2020-05-06 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
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I have page that requests several resources from server. To keep track what is going on, I initially had model like:

type alias Model =
    { availableChassis : List Chassis
    , chassisLoaded : Bool
    , chassisLoading : Bool

Problem with this is that I have to remember to check those boolean flags while rendering on screen. And it’s possible to have inconsistent state (both loading and loaded).


We can model state with algebraic datatypes and we don’t even have to write it by ourselves as there’s RemoteData library.

Now we can change our model to following:

import RemoteData exposing (RemoteData(..), WebData)

type alias Model =
    { availableChassis : WebData (List Chassis)
  • availableChassis has four states it can be in:
    • NotAsked, data isn’t available and it hasn’t been requested from server
    • Loading, data isn’t available, but it has been requested from server
    • Success (List Chassis), data has been loaded from server
    • Failure Http.Error, there was error while loading data

For example, while rendering the view, you could do

    case model.availableChassis of
        NotAsked ->

        Loading ->

        Success chassis ->
            renderChassisList chassis

        Failure error ->
            renderErrorMessage error


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