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hpr3371 :: HPR Community News for June 2021

Dave and Ken talk about shows released and comments posted in June 2021

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Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2021-07-05 is flagged as Explicit and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Community News. 4.
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HPR Community News.

A monthly look at what has been going on in the HPR community. This is a regular show scheduled for the first Monday of the month.

New hosts

There were no new hosts this month.

Last Month's Shows

Id Day Date Title Host
3347 Tue 2021-06-01 Ethical Analysis of Renewable Energy and Conservation Paul Quirk
3348 Wed 2021-06-02 Feedback on the Article by hedorah about HPR Ken Fallon
3349 Thu 2021-06-03 Linux Inlaws S01E31: Interview with Paul Ramsey FOSS aficionado and entrepreneur monochromec
3350 Fri 2021-06-04 Blending Layers Ahuka
3351 Mon 2021-06-07 HPR Community News for May 2021 HPR Volunteers
3352 Tue 2021-06-08 HPR 2020 - 2021 New Years Eve Show Episode 4 Honkeymagoo
3353 Wed 2021-06-09 My terminal journey, part 01. Some Guy On The Internet
3354 Thu 2021-06-10 My Devices operat0r
3355 Fri 2021-06-11 Tiki Hell operat0r
3356 Mon 2021-06-14 HPR 2020 - 2021 New Years Eve Show Episode 5 Honkeymagoo
3357 Tue 2021-06-15 My terminal journey, part 02. Some Guy On The Internet
3358 Wed 2021-06-16 BlastEm! A wicked awesome Sega Genesis/Megadrive emulator sigflup
3359 Thu 2021-06-17 Linux Inlaws S01E32: Politicians and artificial intelligence part 3 monochromec
3360 Fri 2021-06-18 Android Malware Alert Ahuka
3361 Mon 2021-06-21 HPR 2020 - 2021 New Years Eve Show Episode 6 Honkeymagoo
3362 Tue 2021-06-22 Spam Bot Honey Pot: Eating your own dog food Rho`n
3363 Wed 2021-06-23 Electronics podcasts I listen to Archer72
3364 Thu 2021-06-24 Part One - all the covid crap Clinton Roy
3365 Fri 2021-06-25 Diablo 2 Portable and Modding operat0r
3366 Mon 2021-06-28 HPR 2020 - 2021 New Years Eve Show Episode 7 Honkeymagoo
3367 Tue 2021-06-29 Making books with linux - part 1 Andrew Conway
3368 Wed 2021-06-30 Infosec Podcasts Part 4 - Social Engineering Podcasts Trey

Comments this month

These are comments which have been made during the past month, either to shows released during the month or to past shows. There are 23 comments in total.

Past shows

There are 7 comments on 5 previous shows:

  • hpr3263 (2021-02-03) "My Beginnings in Tech" by o9l.
    • Comment 1: archer72 on 2021-06-03: "Welcome to HPR"

  • hpr3329 (2021-05-06) "Linux Inlaws S01E29: The (one and only) Linux Kernel Contributor Panel" by monochromec.
    • Comment 1: Ken Fallon on 2021-06-05: "Who ?"

  • hpr3342 (2021-05-25) "HPR 2020 - 2021 New Years Eve Show Episode 2" by Honkeymagoo.
    • Comment 2: crvs on 2021-06-24: "thank you for the reminder"

  • hpr3343 (2021-05-26) "The Forth programming language" by Brian in Ohio.
    • Comment 1: cagey on 2021-06-02: "My experience with Forth (at SAO)"
    • Comment 2: Dave Morriss on 2021-06-06: "What does SAO stand for?"

  • hpr3345 (2021-05-28) "Audio for Podcasting: Episode 2 - Equalization" by Thaj Sara.
    • Comment 1: archer72 on 2021-06-03: "Another great episode."
    • Comment 2: Trey on 2021-06-08: "Thank you."

This month's shows

There are 16 comments on 7 of this month's shows:

  • hpr3348 (2021-06-02) "Feedback on the Article by hedorah about HPR" by Ken Fallon.
    • Comment 1: HawkinsTheWizard on 2021-06-02: "hpr3348 feedback"
    • Comment 2: Dave Morriss on 2021-06-02: "I was trying to remember "This American Life""

  • hpr3352 (2021-06-08) "HPR 2020 - 2021 New Years Eve Show Episode 4" by Honkeymagoo.
    • Comment 1: Honkeymagoo on 2021-05-11: "Thanking"

  • hpr3353 (2021-06-09) "My terminal journey, part 01." by Some Guy On The Internet.
    • Comment 1: FXB on 2021-06-09: "Good listening."
    • Comment 2: jezra on 2021-06-09: "Hey, that's how I learned!"
    • Comment 3: Trey on 2021-06-11: "Well done! Keep up the great work!"
    • Comment 4: archer72 on 2021-06-11: "Good to hear this one"
    • Comment 5: Some Guy On The Internet on 2021-06-16: "Giving Thanks."
    • Comment 6: sesamemucho on 2021-06-19: "Nice"
    • Comment 7: frank on 2021-06-30: "Comments and feedback on your show (part 1)"
    • Comment 8: frank on 2021-06-30: "Comments and feedback on your show (part 2)"

  • hpr3356 (2021-06-14) "HPR 2020 - 2021 New Years Eve Show Episode 5" by Honkeymagoo.
    • Comment 1: Honkeymagoo on 2021-05-11: "Thanking"
    • Comment 2: Kevin O'Brien on 2021-06-14: "Nice show, but too long"

  • hpr3357 (2021-06-15) "My terminal journey, part 02." by Some Guy On The Internet.
    • Comment 1: bjb on 2021-06-29: "hpr3357 :: My terminal journey, part 02. - feedback/comment"

  • hpr3361 (2021-06-21) "HPR 2020 - 2021 New Years Eve Show Episode 6" by Honkeymagoo.
    • Comment 1: Honkeymagoo on 2021-05-11: "Thanking"

  • hpr3366 (2021-06-28) "HPR 2020 - 2021 New Years Eve Show Episode 7" by Honkeymagoo.
    • Comment 1: Honkeymagoo on 2021-05-11: "Thanking"

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Comment #1 posted on 2021-07-05 11:46:18 by frank

A comment on your comment about my comment


In my comment on the Terminal Journey part 1 I wrote that I had to split my comment because I got an error when I tried to send it in one piece.

Your reply in this here installment was that postings are limited in length. But that is *not* the problem I had. Yes, I did reach the limit, and I could type no farther. So I fixed my sentences to shorten the post by a little bit and then clicked on Send. But I got an actual error page. So I cut my text in half and then it submitted just fine. I suspect a bug in the form checker or even the backend.

I do realise there is enough stuff in my head for several shows. I’m working on that concept. :)

Comment #2 posted on 2021-07-05 14:39:55 by Trey

Congrats on joining the Ham community!

Thank you for your positive feedback, and welcome to the Ham Radio community. Looking forward to your podcasts about it, and now I may need to do some myself.


Comment #3 posted on 2021-07-06 13:41:10 by Ken Fallon

Errors in comments

There is a limit on the about of text you can put in this box - endorsed by the maxlength="2000" in HTML.

There is also a limit that triggers error "cd57ab4d7b77a131ed3deb441bd93dcd" when the server sees that the string length is greater than 2000.

You would think that they would be the same, but they are not due to the amount of data required to encode characters. maxlength counts the number of characters, while strlen() is actual data passed. So if you include a "Smart Quote" it takes double the space of a normal quote.

$ echo '"' > double-quote.txt $ echo '“' > double-curley-quote.txt

$ ls -altr double-curley-quote.txt double-quote.txt | awk '{print $NF, $5}' double-quote.txt 2 double-curley-quote.txt 4 -rw-rw-r--. 1 ken ken 4 Jul 6 15:23 double-curley-quote.txt -rw-rw-r--. 1 ken ken 2 Jul 6 15:23 double-quote.txt

For a good overview on why this is please see "Characters, Symbols and the Unicode Miracle - Computerphile" by Tom Scott on

Comment #4 posted on 2021-07-06 19:16:53 by b-yeezi

Ranger previously on HPR

I think I'll record a follow up episode as well.

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