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hpr3745 :: Pinecil walkthrough

Details of the Pinecil soldering iron menu with a secret menu

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Hosted by Archer72 on 2022-12-09 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
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Duration: 00:08:45


Pinecil – a RISC-V powered, open and versatile soldering iron. It can be
powered via USB-C PD as well as a DC5525 jack, and runs community developed
software. Moreover, it is compatible with popular TS-100 tips. All this at half
the price of the competition.

Pine64 Pinecil


  • Long press on minus button shows the version
    v2.18.A1A569A 17-07-22

Secret setting

  • Long press on minus button then short press on the plus button shows the version with the elapsed time the iron is on.
    • This is is seconds, with the last digit in 100mS increments
      • example 101 = 10 seconds and 100 milliseconds

Software version

Sample screen animation


  • Power Settings

    • Power source
      • Sets cutoff voltage. (DC 10V) (S 3.3V per cell, disabled power limit)
    • QC Voltage 20.0
      • Max QC Voltage the iron should negotiate for
      • Range: 9 to 22 volts
    • PD Timeout (20)
      • PD negotiation timeout in 100ms steps for compatibility with some QC chargers
      • Range: 1 to 50 seconds / Off

  • Soldering settings

    • Boost temp 410
      • Tip temperature used in "boost mode"
      • Range: 10 to 450 degrees (Increments of 10)
    • Start-up behavior (0)
      • 0=off | S=heat up to soldering temp | Z=standby at sleep temperature until moved | R=Standby without heating until moved
    • Temperature change short (1)
      • Temperature-change-increment on short button press
      • Range: 1 to 50
    • Temperature change long (10)
      • Temperature-change-increment on short button press
      • Range: 5 to 90 (Increments of 5)
    • Allow locking buttons (D)
      • While soldering, hold down both buttons to toggle locking them
      • (D=disable | B=boost mode only | F=full locking)

  • Sleep mode

    • Motion Sensitivity (7)
      • 0=off | 1=least sensitive | ... | 9=most sensitive
    • Sleep temp (110 degrees)
      • Tip temperature while in "sleep mode"
      • Range: 10 to 300
    • Sleep timeout (50s)
      • Interval before "sleep mode" kicks in (s=seconds | m=minutes)
      • Range: 10s to 50s | 1m to 10m | Off
    • Shutdown timeout 10m
      • Interval before the iron shuts down (m=minutes)
      • Range: 1m to 60m | Off

  • User interface

    • Temperature unit (C)
      • C=Celsius | F=Fahrenheit
    • Display orientation (R)
      • R=right-handed | L=left-handed | A=automatic
    • Cooldown flashing ☐
      • Flash the temperature reading after heating was halted while the tip is still hot
    • Scrolling speed (S)
      • Speed info text scrolls past at (S=slow | F=fast)
    • Swap +- key ☐
      • Reverse assignment of buttons for temperature adjustment
    • Anim. speed (M)
      • Pace of icon animations in the menu (0=off | S=slow | M=medium | F=fast)
    • Anim. loop ☐
      • Loop icon animations in main menu
    • (Brightness icon) (4)
      • Adjust the brightness of the OLED screen
    • (Invert icon) ☐
      • Invert the colors of the OLED screen
    • Boot logo duration (1s)
      • Sets the duration for the boot logo (s=seconds)
      • Range: 1-4s | Infinite | Off
    • Detailed idle screen ☐
      • Display detailed information in a smaller font on the idle screen
    • Detailed solder screen ☐
      • Display detailed information in a smaller font on the soldering screen
  • Advanced Settings

    • Power limit (35 W)
      • Maximum power the iron can use (W=watts)
      • Range: Off or 0 to 95W (Increments of 5)
    • Reset factory settings?
      • Reset all settings to default
    • Calibrate temperature
      • Start tip temperature offset calibration
    • Calibrate input voltage
      • Start VIN calibration (long press to exit)
    • Power pulse (0.5)
      • Intensity of power of keep-awake-pulse (watt)
      • Range 0.1 to 9.9 | Off
    • Power pulse delay (4)
      • Delay before keep-awake-pulse is triggered (x 2.5s)
      • Range: 1 to 9
    • Power pulse duration (1)
      • Keep-awake-pulse duration (x 250ms)
      • Range: 1 to 9
  • Barrel Power Supply


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