Arch Linux Install Tutorial

Colin J. Mills (cjm):


U Waterloo Arch Linux Mirror and Download Arch Wiki: Guide to DDing your image. Arch Wiki: Beginners Guide

Table Of Contents

0: Preparing your boot image.

Imaging on an UNIX based system

1: Checking the network.

2: Partitioning

2: Basic Layout

3: Actual Partitioning.

4: Making The Filesystems

5. Mounting the filesystems

The other partitions

6: Installing the base system

7: Generating an fstab.

cat /mnt/etc/fstab

8. Chroot and Configuration


Time Zones

Hardware Clock



Configuring the network.

Setting the root password

Installing a bootloader

NOTE: For this I will be using an i386 basic bootloader. For more information visit Arch Wiki: Beginners Guide, Bootloaders

Ok now we have to install the piece of software that will boot our system. This is called the boot loader. In most cases we use a program called GRUB. I will be using GRUB in this example.