Name Description
add_podcast add a new feed to the system
backup_database back up the PostgreSQL database
Bashpodder2 new Bashpodder script
check_orphans look for audio files not in the database
clean_itunes clean comments added by Apple tools
convert_playlist add a playlist to the database
convert_wget_logs process download logs generated by wget
copy_episodes copy podcasts to a player
copy_group copy a group of podcasts to a player
day_start synchronise new downloads to the database
db_add_copied mark podcasts in the database as copied to a player
db_change_feed enable or disable a feed
db_change_url change a feed URL
db_count_episodes count existing episodes in a feed
db_current report what is being played on players
db_delete_copied delete played podcast episodes
db_duration compute how much audio play time there is
db_edit_archive edit details of unsubscribed feeds
db_edit_notes edit notes on feeds in the database
db_group_status show counts per group
db_list_episodes list current episodes in a feed
db_list_feeds list feed names matching a regex
db_mark_played mark episodes as being played
db_pending show what is on all players
db_queued show episodes not yet on players
db_reset_episode mark an episode for re-downloading
db_show_feed show details of feeds from the database
db_status show current database status
do_copies copy episodes to a player
fix_tags tag manipulation script
podcast_manager manage the database
remove_podcast unsubscribe from a feed
speedup speed up audio files
tag_manager process tags according to rules
tidy_dirs delete empty podcast directories
XMLFeed parse an RSS or Atom feed and show enclosures