My Pocket Knives (HPR Show 3152)

I talk a little about some pocket knives I often carry

Dave Morriss

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As a boy I was allowed to have a penknife1 from about the age of 10. Since then I have tended to carry pocket knives with me on a regular basis.

I have three knives that often travel with me, though two might have become illegal in the UK in the recent past because they lock.

The knives are:

  • Victorinox Huntsman
  • Durol locking knife
  • Roxon KS-S501


Victorinox Huntsman

I expect most people know about these knives. They are generally called Swiss Army Knives. They usually have many tools within them.

The Victorinox brand is now predominant, as discussed in the Wikipedia article.

My knife is the Huntsman model and is classified as a medium-sized knife by Victorinox.

Victorinox knife, all tools shown
Picture: Victorinox knife, all tools shown

Victorinox knife, all tools shown
Picture: Victorinox knife, all tools shown

Victorinox knife, closed with detachable tools
Picture: Victorinox knife, closed with detachable tools

I forgot to open the saw when displaying all the accessories, but you can see it on the Victorinox website if you wish!

I originally bought one of these when a tool shop in Edinburgh (now long gone) had a sale. I really loved that knife and carried it everywhere, but I lost it in the woods near Dalkeith when out with my kids.

After feeling sorry for myself for a while I decided to get another. I bought this one on Amazon where the price was not as good as the original but was not too painful. I’m more careful with this one!

Durol knife

Durol knife closed
Picture: The Durol knife closed

Durol knife open
Picture: The Durol knife open

Manufactured in Thiers, in central France, known as the knife city, these knives are classics. Thiers is in the Puy-de-Dôme department of Auvergne.

From Wikipedia:

Thiers is a major historical centre of knife manufacturing, with about one hundred companies and a cutlery museum; seventy percent of French pocketknives, kitchen and table knives are manufactured in Thiers.

This particular knife has a wooden handle (probably ash), with a metal collar holding the rivet on which the blade pivots. The blade is locked closed and open by a mechanism activated by a red button below the collar. The knife design may have been derived from the other classic French pocketknife, the Opinel (mentioned by Shane Shennan on HPR show 2650).

This model is the basic one. There are others with different colours, and accessories such as a corkscrew and bottle opener.

I bought this knife in France in the 1980’s. My boss and I were driving to Paris2 from Edinburgh for a conference. We stopped at a hypermarché (hypermarket) near Calais to buy something for lunch. I saw and bought this knife there to cut up my baguette and cheese!

Roxon S501 knife

This is a recent purchase. It’s a single-bladed knife that can be opened with one hand, something I have never owned before. It locks open but there is an easily accessible unlock button and it can be closed with one hand. It has to be admitted that this design has a right-hand bias however.

It has a belt/pocket clip on the rear, and from that side a substantial pair of scissors is accessible. These are sharp and cut well.

Roxon knife closed
Picture: The Roxon knife closed

Roxon knife blade open
Picture: The Roxon knife blade open

Roxon knife rear view closed
Picture: The Roxon knife rear view closed

Roxon knife rear view, scissors open
Picture: The Roxon knife rear view, scissors open

This knife was bought from Amazon UK for £25. It’s made in China according to the box it was in, but it’s difficult to find details on the web. It seems very well made and it is comfortable to hold and use. My only concern is that the shape of the knife edge is a little more difficult to sharpen than other knives.


If I had to choose one knife to take with me on a trip I’d take the Victorinox for its sheer versatility. In reality, I tend to have all three in close proximity most of the time!

  1. In the audio I mentioned the penknife I had as a boy, saying the handle was covered in pearl. I meant to say mother of pearl.↩︎

  2. We shared the driving in my boss’s car. We drove to Dover and took the Hoverspeed hovercraft service to Calais, then drove to Paris from there.↩︎