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Ken Fallon ken at fallon.ie
Sat Jun 25 07:16:21 PDT 2022

Hi All,

I had a conversation with Alan Pope on mastodon about fixing some issues 
on the HPR website. He makes the valid point that if we don't release 
the code (because it's a mess), then it's not actually open source.

Cruel but fair. Cruel but fair.

I contend that it would be crueler to release the current code due to 
the risk of eye damage that could occur.

So how to proceed ? I suggest we eliminate the problem by eliminating 
the code.

My intention has always been to have a massively multiplayer online 
mirroring service where anyone can have a complete instance of 
everything. With a combination of git, and rsync anyone would have 
everything needed to host their own complete version of the site.

We would still need to maintain the LAMP stack for the reservations and 
the processing workflow, but that code is a lot easier to sanitize and 

The site itself is made up of 3 parts

 1. Static pages, like header, footer, howto's etc
 2. Dynamic pages derived from the Database
 3. Media, audio, video etc

The media and show notes are covered under the Creative Commons License.

I would suggest releasing the code under the AGPL v3 or later, and 
publish it to our repo on https://repo.anhonesthost.net.

Thoughts ?



Ken Fallon (PA7KEN,G5KEN)
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