[Hpr] Apologies to the Linux Inlaws

Jason Dodd jason.s.dodd at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 09:45:51 PDT 2022

This whole thing has moved me firmly into the listener side of the 
house. If Linux Inlaws isn't for HPR, none of my content would be.

On 9/3/22 12:40, Ken Fallon wrote:
> Apologies this also needs to go to the HPR list.
> On 2022-08-20 04:10, Ken Fallon wrote:
>> TL;DR Ken wakes up to find out he is wrong (again) and owes the Linux 
>> InLaws and apology.
>> Hi All,
>> I've had some time to stand back and think about how I handled this 
>> situation and I owe the Linux Inlaws an apology.
>> As they have stated several times, from their point of view nothing 
>> has changed since their joining HPR. They believed and believe HPR to 
>> be a Podcast Hosting Platform and have used it as such in good faith. 
>> I now see that in that light they have done all that was asked of 
>> them and more.
>> In forgetting that we were bootstrapping their podcast, and getting 
>> frustrated at their apparent flouting of the Syndication rule, I have 
>> done HPR and the Linux Inlaws a disservice. They have not done 
>> anything wrong.
>> I would like to apologies to all concerned.
>> Unfortunately as I spent so much effort proving HPR is not a Podcast 
>> Hosting Platform, I am now left with the problem of dealing with a 
>> FLOSS Podcast without a home. This is not a good look, and is exactly 
>> the opposite of what I was trying to achieve.
>> The InLaws will need some time to transition to their own hosting 
>> site. Their schedule is recorded several months in advance, so they 
>> will need the time to migrate in an orderly fashion. The move to new 
>> hosting would need to get ironed out, as well as notifying their 
>> listeners as to the change that is happening, and we need to make 
>> sure that the feeds redirect automatically.
>> I would like to ask the HPR Community's tolerance for this exception 
>> for say a period of six months or so, so that they can round off 
>> Season 1 here on HPR in good order. I also hope that that extra time 
>> will give me the opportunity to mend some fences.
>> Suffice to say I owe Martin, Chris and indeed Yannick some beers at 
>> FOSDEM for this mess.

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