[Hpr] Apologies to the Linux Inlaws

Jason Dodd jason.s.dodd at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 18:42:25 PDT 2022

Perhaps but I think a couple of people have explained it to me. I 
consider all of my shows a series of my podcast that I make to host on 
hpr.  Appears I've misunderstood HPR since the TWAT days. That's fine 
and no hard feelings.  On the contrary I'm glad to have my understanding 

My next show was going to be titled, "That's Dummy ep 01"  Or rather, it 
still will be just not on hpr :)

On 9/3/22 16:59, Kevin O'Brien wrote:

> I think you are misstating the issue at hand. I don't think anyone had
> any problem with the content, or at least I haven't heard anyone make
> that claim. If Chris and Martin had recorded exactly the same shows as
> simply members of the HPR community and not branding them as a
> separate podcast I think that would have been welcome from day one.
> This is of course just my personal opinion, and anyone is free to disagree.
> Regards,

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