[Hpr] Apologies to the Linux Inlaws

Ken Fallon ken at fallon.ie
Mon Sep 5 04:43:08 PDT 2022

On 2022-09-04 03:42, Jason Dodd wrote:
> Perhaps but I think a couple of people have explained it to me. I 
> consider all of my shows a series of my podcast that I make to host on 
> hpr.  Appears I've misunderstood HPR since the TWAT days. That's fine 
> and no hard feelings.  On the contrary I'm glad to have my 
> understanding corrected.

Even back in the TWAT days, hosts produced shows for TWAT(aka HPR) and 
also produced their own shows for their own podcasts. Dann and Pat 
posted different shows to TWAT, but also posted to TLLTS. Same is true 
for Droops who also posted different shows to Infonomicon.

> My next show was going to be titled, "That's Dummy ep 01"  Or rather, 
> it still will be just not on hpr :)

If you are doing you're own standalone podcast, we can include one show 
for promotional purposes



/HPR is founded on the principle of Hackers sharing knowledge. For this 
reason we are only releasing material created exclusively for HPR. We 
will continue to promote new podcasts and other creative commons 
material, but if you wish to have your show promoted, then please 
contact our sister site //Free Culture Podcasts 
<https://freeculturepodcasts.org/>//. /


/That said, if there is a piece of creative commons content that you 
would like to promote, then feel free to record a regular show. There 
you can introduce the content and explain why it is important, providing 
links to where we can get more information etc., and then include one 
example episode. /


On 2022-09-03 18:45, Jason Dodd wrote:
> This whole thing has moved me firmly into the listener side of the 
> house. If Linux Inlaws isn't for HPR, none of my content would be.

Linux Inlaws content is definitely something that we want here on HPR. 
Some people don't like their shows, and they are entitled to that 
opinion, however I think it's safe to say that most people do enjoy at 
least some of their content.

So it's not about the content, it's never been about the content. It's 
about the point *is HPR a podcast, or a podcast hosting platform*. I 
know monochromec doesn't care about this but we do. We do not want to 
host other peoples podcasts, not because we don't like the content, but 
because we do not have the slots available to cater for all the shows 
that would want to join.

Taking an example. If they record an interview with Linus, there would 
be no question but we would all love to hear it. However if they want to 
have it on HPR, then it needs to be produced for HPR. So I would expect 
to hear, "Hi Linus, thanks for taking the time to talk to us here on 
Hacker Public Radio" etc.

To put it another way, you could compare it to the aversion that BSD has 
to running GPL code. (Our license are both CC-BY-SA so don't take this 
literally). It might be the same 1's and 0's that are been used, but 
it's the authors approach to the code distribution that is the issue.

So I am sure your content will be "of interest to hackers", and as we 
are dedicated to sharing knowledge we will help you in any way we can. 
If you want to have it released on HPR that's fine, but make sure it's 
intended to be a show on the HPR Podcast. If you're going it alone then 
that's also fine and we'll offer tips and advise as we always do.


Ken Fallon (PA7KEN,G5KEN)
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