[Hpr] State of the Union (HPR).

Yung Lyun lyunpaw at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 18:11:42 PDT 2022

Lurking Prion, “This is a pre-emptive strike as I dont want to be the 
next Linux Inlaws. The shows I am posting are not a podcast. This and 
the next show have intro's and outro's as they were loaded a while ago 
and I was trying different things. So, please forgive the apparent 
hubris and accept my apologies if anyone is offended by this. I was just 
hacking the format.”

I’m more upset that a host felt the need to provide a “preemptive 
strike” due to recent events.  I’m sure this is just a “flash in the 
pan”, but I hope we’ve learned our lesson.  I ask that we do something 
to assure new or potential host, that recent event(s) doesn’t represents 
our community. We can do more collaborations (similar to the monthly 
community show) or anything other suggestions.

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