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Ken Fallon ken at fallon.ie
Mon Sep 12 12:14:17 PDT 2022

Hi Mechatroniac,

I hope you're doing OK. Please don't let things get to you too much. 
It's just a podcast after all, and everyone is doing their best.

Your idea for Hacker Pirate Radio is a fine one and I would be 
interested in following it's progress. Not sure that the reliability of 
IPFS is where it needs to be, or if it would make censorship impossible 
as you suggest. I am very interested in the protocol but was put off by 
some bad experiences people had with their files been rendered lost when 
the protocol changed, and that peers just disappeared never to return.

If you want to do a purely technical show on that I would very much like 
to hear it. I think the community, whatever you may think about them, 
would be willing to provide constructive feedback to help you get it off 
the ground.


Ken Fallon (PA7KEN,G5KEN)

On 2022-09-12 20:12, anarch0re at tutanota.com wrote:
> Maybe you shouldn't accuse one of your only hardware hackers of being 
> a bad actor for having opinions, after I have been trolled by the 
> likes of Klaatu(who I'm sure is a good guy, being vegetarian and seems 
> to be into anarchism as I am...)
> Klaatu who wants to gaslight us(as he was gaslit by the mainstream 
> pharma controlled media) that we are too dumb to understand science, 
> because he doesn't understand risc and that we should leave it all to 
> bought and paid for "experts", who only speak on one side of the dirty 
> and corrupt story of covid.
> That kid has a bad firmware blob and needs an update to liberational 
> firmware.   If you're an anarchist act like it and read Vaniegms' "the 
> revolution of everyday life", for an idea of the proper attitude 
> towards experts and specialists.
> Lately "evil steve" comes on and says that we should be getting 
> sociopath degrees, aka MBAs.  Motherfucker, what the fuck makes you 
> think that anyone interested in hacking, creating, inventing would 
> want to waste their time with that shit, when they could be learning 
> physics or electronics or 'risc architecture' instead?  Fuck "pen 
> testers", shit sounds gay anyhow.
> There now I don't have to do a podcast on this disgusting shit....
> I'll do some podcasts in the future but you should know the disgust I 
> feel for some of you.  You aren't my people, but I'm just as sure that 
> some of you are.  And my post apocalyptic robotics is an idea that 
> will come to fruition one day, even if someone steals it to make it 
> palatable to the mainstream hacker drones.
> Hacker Pirate Radio is an idea whose time I hope comes some day, using 
> IPFS maybe or some other protocol that would make censorship impossible.
> PS: Calling SQL "sequel" is lame as hell, why not say the letters?  My 
> suggestion is call it "squeel" but some PC fags probably would find 
> offense at that some how.   Squeel only has one syllable, sequel has 
> two.  I really hate most of you.
> -- 
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> Sep 8, 2022, 23:41 by ken at fallon.ie:
>     Hi All,
>     The queue is looking a little empty at the moment.
>     If you have not already submitted a show this year, then please
>     consider recording something.
>     If you have reserve shows ready, can you pick a regular slot and
>     put in the shownotes that it's a reserve show. Once we get a few
>     more of these, we can see how best to make that an option on upload.
>     -- 
>     Regards,
>     Ken Fallon (PA7KEN,G5KEN)
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