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In-Depth Series: Lightweight Apps

  • Number of episodes: 10
  • Open/closed: open
  • Date of earliest show: 2008-03-24
  • Date of latest show: 2016-03-28
  • Series RSS feeds: ogg, spx, mp3
Reviews of light weight applications

hpr1996 :: Xdotool magic hosted by Nacho Jordi

Released: 2016-03-28. Duration: 00:18:02. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Xdotool, Automation, Productivity, File naming, Time stamps.
Overview and a few usage possibilities of the Xdotool program

hpr0435 :: Lightweight Apps: Enlightenment, Part 2 hosted by klaatu

Released: 2009-09-01. Duration: 00:26:35. Flag: Clean.

hpr0320 :: Audacious hosted by Thistleweb

Released: 2009-03-23. Duration: 00:09:25. Flag: Explicit.

hpr0268 :: Lightweight Web Browsing With Arora hosted by deepgeek

Released: 2009-01-08. Duration: 00:07:52. Flag: Explicit.

hpr0245 :: Icewm hosted by deepgeek

Released: 2008-12-08. Duration: 00:38:20. Flag: Explicit.

hpr0244 :: Enlightment hosted by klaatu

Released: 2008-12-05. Duration: 00:13:07. Flag: Clean.

hpr0233 :: rox-filer hosted by deepgeek

Released: 2008-11-20. Duration: 00:10:59. Flag: Explicit.

hpr0138 :: Bee Soft Commander hosted by deepgeek

Released: 2008-07-11. Duration: 00:05:51. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: languages,"file manager","ftp client","wipe files",review.
Looking into Bee Soft which is a file manager similar to Midnight Commander.

hpr0085 :: Faubackup hosted by deepgeek

Released: 2008-04-28. Duration: 00:06:25. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Faubackups,Software,"CLI tools",automation.
A show about the light app, Faubackup

hpr0060 :: Claws Email client hosted by deepgeek

Released: 2008-03-24. Duration: 00:08:30. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: email, claws, lightweight, review.
The start of a lightweight applications series: review of Claws Mail.