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In-Depth Series: SourceCast

  • Number of episodes: 6
  • Open/closed: closed
  • Date of earliest show: 2008-09-01
  • Date of latest show: 2008-11-28
  • Series RSS feeds: ogg, spx, mp3

hpr0239 :: SourceCast Ep 6 hosted by Jeremy

Released: 2008-11-28. Duration: 00:40:19. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: distrohopping,linux.Valve,applications.
This is the SourceCast episode 6, a review of specific distros and general Linux talk.

hpr0218 :: Source Cast Ep 5 hosted by Jeremy

Released: 2008-10-30. Duration: 00:57:54. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: distrohopping,linux.
Discussing Linux hardware support, distro upgrading and reviews

hpr0210 :: SourceCast Episode 4 hosted by Jeremy

Released: 2008-10-20. Duration: 00:35:40. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: distrohopping,linux,review.
Discussing the Foresight Linux distro, its positive aspects and shortcomings, in particular Conary

hpr0195 :: Sourcecast Ep 3 hosted by Jeremy

Released: 2008-09-29. Duration: 00:47:52. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: comments,unstable,partition,installation,updates,drivers,review.
This is the SourceCast episode 3, a review of fedora and general Linux talk.

hpr0189 :: Source Cast Part 2 hosted by Jeremy

Released: 2008-09-19. Duration: 00:58:44. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: vista,gmail,equafax,ubuntu,windows,security,"user access control",hybernation,login.
This is the SourceCast episode 2, a review of vista and general Linux talk.

hpr0175 :: Sourcecast ep 00 hosted by Jeremy

Released: 2008-09-01. Duration: 00:54:15. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: humor,distro,reviews,software,mandrake,apache,gentoo,openoffice,java,debian,mysql,qt,"web browsers",wine.
This is the SourceCast episode 0, a review of specific distros and general Linux talk.