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In-Depth Series: Software Freedom Day Dundee 2009

  • Number of episodes: 12
  • Open/closed: closed
  • Date of earliest show: 2009-09-23
  • Date of latest show: 2010-10-25
  • Series RSS feeds: ogg, spx, mp3
Software Freedom Day Dundee 2009

hpr0581 :: Open Source Games and the community hosted by finux

Released: 2010-10-25. Duration: 00:28:02. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Dundee,gaming,game development,game engine,game development community.
A talk by Phillip Geyer at Software Freedom Day Dundee 2009 about Open Source Games

hpr0578 :: Open Source Security Concepts hosted by finux

Released: 2010-10-20. Duration: 00:24:02. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: open source security.
A recording of a presentation by Nick Walker from Software Freedom Day Event 2009

hpr0575 :: Free and open source software on windows hosted by finux

Released: 2010-10-15. Duration: 00:20:34. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: FOSS,Windows.
A recording of a presentation by Robert McWilliam from Software Freedom Day Event 2009

hpr0502 :: What Is Free Software hosted by finux

Released: 2010-01-08. Duration: 00:28:36. Flag: Explicit.

hpr0497 :: Kris Findlay discusses Secure Socket Handler hosted by finux

Released: 2009-12-23. Duration: 00:22:24. Flag: Explicit.

hpr0495 :: Gary Whiton talks about the Blender Game Engine hosted by finux

Released: 2009-12-14. Duration: 00:22:38. Flag: Explicit.

hpr0493 :: Free and Open Source Software in Business hosted by finux

Released: 2009-12-10. Duration: 00:29:25. Flag: Explicit.

hpr0476 :: FOSS In Business hosted by finux

Released: 2009-11-03. Duration: 00:29:25. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: free software,open source software,FOSS in business.
RobertLadyman talks about Free And Open Source Software In Business

hpr0471 :: Interview with Andrej Hajto about VOIP hosted by finux

Released: 2009-10-23. Duration: 00:33:36. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: interview,VOIP.
Finux interviews Andrej Hajto about VOIP

hpr0458 :: Blender-Game-Engine-A-Short-Guide hosted by finux

Released: 2009-10-02. Duration: 00:22:38. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Blender,gaming,game development,game engine.
GaryWhiton talks about Blender

hpr0456 :: What is Free Software hosted by finux

Released: 2009-10-01. Duration: 00:28:36. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Free software,Open source software,history.
Finux discusses what is free software

hpr0451 :: Podcasting: From Mic to Audience hosted by finux

Released: 2009-09-23. Duration: 00:22:08. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: podcasting,Audacity,blog.
Finux talks about podcasting