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  • Number of episodes: 7
  • Open/closed: closed
  • Date of earliest show: 2009-04-10
  • Date of latest show: 2015-04-02
  • Series RSS feeds: ogg, spx, mp3

This is my series on Dramatic Audio Media, such as Old Time Radio ("The Shadow", "Gunsmoke", etc.), BBC Radio, and other classics -- but also, and most especially, the current renaissance of this art form, and how a person (like me, like you) can begin producing your own audio fiction or poetry or whatever for the enjoyment of countless others. This will be a learning process for me, and my mistakes might very well help you avoid any similar such in your own endeavors.

hpr1739 :: Theater of the Imagination: Part 07 hosted by lostnbronx

Released: 2015-04-02. Duration: 00:27:34. Flag: Clean.
Tags: audio drama, lostnbronx, recording, hardware, art.
Episode 07 of lostnbronx's series about dramatic audio media.

hpr1683 :: Theater of the Imagination: Part 06 hosted by lostnbronx

Released: 2015-01-14. Duration: 00:45:57. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: audio,drama,audio drama.
lostnbronx interviews Julie Hoverson, a modern audio drama enthusiast

hpr1198 :: THEATER OF THE IMAGINATION: 05 hosted by lostnbronx

Released: 2013-03-06. Duration: 00:28:33. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: USB,audio,old time radio .
Using external USB audio equipment; some old-time radio recommendations

hpr0762 :: THEATER OF THE IMAGINATION: 04 hosted by lostnbronx

Released: 2011-07-04. Duration: 00:22:04. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: "condenser microphone",XLR,"phantom power","pop filter","audio drama".
lostnbronx speaks about dramatic audio

hpr0721 :: THEATER OF THE IMAGINATION -- PART 03 hosted by lostnbronx

Released: 2011-05-08. Duration: 00:17:58. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: "audio drama",script.
lostnbronx describes Audio Drama and how to make your own

hpr0677 :: THEATER OF THE IMAGINATION: PART 2 hosted by lostnbronx

Released: 2011-03-08. Duration: 00:16:34. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: audiocast,broadcast,"audio drama",RSS.
Some descriptions of the base concepts

hpr0334 :: Toti hosted by lostnbronx

Released: 2009-04-10. Duration: 00:32:48. Flag: Explicit.
Theater of the Imagination - part 1